Monday, August 16, 2010

Double Workouts!

Grammy and Papa are in town, so I have had a little more free time. Yesterday I walked 2 miles with a stroller and did 4/7 circuits of BFBM (my hips are still tender, so the more jumpy cardio ones are out). Today I walked 2.5 miles and rode the bike about 7 miles. It has been fun to begin stepping up the workouts again!

Kelly- Sorry to hear about the shoes. I purchased some Asics recently from Marshalls because of the price tag (and because I had looked at several places already that day), and I am regretting it already. I have high arches too, and have used inserts in the past to help in shoes that needed them. Where did you research the shoes? I have looked before too and found so many different recommendations that it was overwhelming. Sometimes I think that I had better just pay for Consumer Reports as much as I like researching all of my purchases.

Emily- Way to be so disciplined! And with all the construction that was going on too!

Katie- I'm glad that you are so aware of where you are right now and the pressures around. It sounds like you have made a realistic plan for yourself.

I love Agave nectar too. Actually, I have altered several everyday baking recipes to include molasses, honey and agave nectar instead of the more refined sugars and I love it. (I still eat things with refined sugars in them, but that is definitely something that I ought to cut down on). I began experimenting with them when I was pregnant, and picked it up now that Luke is eating so much more.

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