Monday, August 16, 2010

Results! Results!

I must say I'm very impressed with the results of doing Shred 1 only 2 times a week. My mid-section is shrinking and has a vague appearance of being toned. It's also more comfortable to sleep in bed at night. I still want to get to 3 times a week, buy another DVD, and buy some real weights, but I'm very encouraged and definitely think I can keep it up. Now, if only the baby (8mos) would sleep through the night, maybe I'd feel awesome (still waking up 3 times, + occasional Kate wakings . . . argh!!!)

Kelly-I'd love to know what kind of shoes work well with high arches. I have that problem too. I bought a cheap pair at Marshalls, and after several years of trying to make them work, finally gave them away. Several weeks ago I bought Asics Gel Pheonix, and they seem to be much better so far. I think I tried on nearly every shoe in the mall before I bought them.

Food-Right now I'm just trying to eat more veggies and fewer carbs. This is mainly motivated by being pre-diabetic. It all started when I didn't pass the gestational diabetes test (the full one, not just the screening) in my last pregnancy. I didn't fail the test either, but the medical personnel wanted me to eat as if I had gestational diabetes anyway. I did and what followed was loosing about 5 lbs in my 3rd trimester. (Yes, I know this is normally not a good thing, but I was still eating when I was hungry.) After delivery I went back to a normal carb consuming diet (it was Christmas). Gradually I have gone back to limiting carbs to approximately 2 servings per meal (and I'm totally flexible when it comes to eating with friends or the occasional splurge for a favorite recipe). To make up for streamlining the carbs, I've been focusing my meal planning on fixing really good vegetable dishes and tacking on the carbs and protein as more of an afterthought. Overall, I find that I am much more sensitive to carbs/sugar now. The idea of eating a doughnut is unappealing and actually eating one makes me feel ill.

Oh, yea. So, I can't remember if I got my second workout in last week. I think I did. But I just did the first one for this week.

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