Saturday, August 14, 2010

last few days

Katie P--The Dormition refers to the falling asleep (i.e. death) of the Virgin Mary. In the Orthodox Church, we fast for 2 weeks prior to whenever the feast day falls (which is tomorrow this year!).

On food--it is so annoying, isn't it? How something so innocent can become SUCH a battle? I think your plan sounds good. It might be helpful to set out food and snacks the night before (or at times when you are fed) so that you aren't tempted to grab something quick.

This last week, we have had guests for dinner every night except one, and I think I tend to eat more when we have people over. So, I have to remember portion control when I am talking!

Okay, so the last few days in review are Wednesday--nothing since I was helping a friend move. Thursday, I only managed 20 minutes of Pilates and yesterday I did a 5 mile run. I am not certain how today will work as we are helping out a family (I think some of you might know them--the Speckmans?). Micah and Jenn put them in touch with us as they're moving up here later this month. Anyhow, we are babysitting their kids today while they apartment hunt. So, workout videos with 5 kids? Might be a bit challenging!!!! This week might just be a 4 day workout week for me. But I am trying to remember that is okay. One thing I learned while traveling was that working out 3-4 days a week does maintain my current weight/shape. Working out more is a plus and helps my panic issues, but isn't neccessary for weight control (which I confess, I was obsessing over this last month).

So, that is my new battle: not becoming obsessive, compulsive about exercise. I fear gaining weight (losing 45 pounds over the course of several years was hard work) and I fear panic attacks. Neither fears are helpful mentally and they are a recent part of my struggles.

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