Friday, August 13, 2010

Brief food thoughts...

Katie P
I have been so challenged by your post on food and how you really view it as a spiritual battleground in so many ways...I had never thought of it that way! I have become more aware of how I use food as a stress escape and am working on eliminating that in my life in large part due to the posts of you (and others here)

ANYWAY I recognized that the best thing for me is to make sure I have a lunch I often I just scrounge for leftovers or do (gulp) nothing and around 3:30 feel like I am craving sugar...but if I make something I love and enjoy eating that is healthy it is worth the extra 10 minutes in the kitchen in my energy level and reduced temptation to eat poorly pre-dinner.

Had to share my newest obsession which I eat about four days a week right now for lunch (yeah it's that good and mango's are in season...) I love sitting down to a beautiful thai salad in the afternoon !!!

Thanks for your challenges!

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