Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hardest run yet

So, today I got the nerve mid-run to try for six miles. At that point the only option was to add a mile uphill in the run and I did it! My hardest run yet. Six miles with one mile uphill. It was tiring and it really forced me to be careful about my running posture, but it was good.

I've been rethinking workout goals/scheduling because next week we start homeschooling again. I think I'm going to shoot for one 6 mile run a week, 1-2 4.5 or 5 mile runs and one fast 2 miler. The other days I'll do Pilates/Yoga. I like to give my body a break between runs and find doing Pilates on alternating days really keeps my body limber (and it keeps my back from going out, an added plus!).

The annoying thing is that once Jesse starts his schedule (two weeks from now), I'm going to have to readjust my running times to late afternoons since he plans on leaving on working 5 a.m.-3/4 p.m. That will take some adjusting as I've gotten used to exercising in the mornings.

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