Friday, August 13, 2010

Yoga Booty Ballet

Oh for Pete's sake. These videos had some of the creepiest people I've ever seen on an exercise DVD. And that was after I skipped the floofy-New-Age-y-not-so-much-yoga-as-rich-L.A.-ladies-who-think-they-understand-Eastern-philosophy meditation bits.  

So, um, yeah. Not a fan. The dance parts (which were the parts I did - I tried the dance parts from two different DVDs) were definitely aerobic and parts were very fun, but I just couldn't get over the creepies. Some of the dancers were fine, and I tried to look at them to see how to do the moves, but there were two or three that just gave me the heebie-jeebies (including at least one, possibly both of the instructors) and they were all on the screen far too much of the time.

Ick. I think I need to take a shower. And not just because I just worked out.


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