Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goal Met!

Well, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a few months last night (we are staying at a friend's house), and was very pleasantly surprised! I now weigh slightly less than I did when I got pregnant with Luke. Yay! :)

This would have been an even bigger deal to me in times past because of how focused I used to be on the numbers. While I am very happy, I have realized that I am even happier with the fact that I have become so much stronger and, overall, happier.

On another front, my injury is bothering me less and less each day. I did Shred 1 & 2, lifted some weights and took a walk so far this week. These were modified to accomade my hips as much as I could.

Katie P- I have been thinking about you. Luke was such a terrible sleeper that I often spent half the day mad because of it. You are definitely not alone in that struggle! It is especially hard when other moms are saying how well their children sleep. Luke didn't sleep through the night consistently until about 21 months!

Exercising is tough when you feel sleep deprived too since your body already has a stress. Also, the frustration itself takes a lot out of a person. I am praying for you.

Jessica- What a great feeling! I am glad that you are finding so many ways to challenge yourself, and enjoy it! Also, I almost have enough rewards points from Amazon to pick up the Personal Training with Jackie. Looking forward to trying that one out.

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