Monday, August 16, 2010

shoes for high arches

So, I was feeling nerve pain around my shin yesterday and did some research. The condensed version is this: People with high arches tend to underpronate when they run. This means that when running, your foot tends to roll outwards when running. For this, it is best to wear shoes that are flexible with a soft midsole to help absorb shock. So cushioning + flexibility.

My last shoes, I just focused on ones with thick cushioning with stability and control because I thought that would *prevent* injury since a lot of my running is on asphalt. Little did I know that the decreased flexibility of the shoes is what would actually cause me pain!!!

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  1. People with high arches should need to wear comfortable shoes with good arch supports,cushioning and padding. Make sure that the shoes you are wearing are fitted properly for your foot and does not jam your toes together.

    Shoes For High Arches