Monday, August 2, 2010

High altitude fitness

Wow, is there ever a difference between working out here and working out at 6300 feet! I did the Friday jog/walk with Jessica (about 2.25 miles of it - she went farther than I did) and it was a lot harder up there than it is down here. For about the first 3-4 minutes you kind of think you'll die. Especially if you're not a runner, like me. :) But after that it got better and ended up being fun. Jessica and I used to go on stroller walks regularly, back when we had fewer kids, and going on a run with her reminded me of how much fun it is to work out with a buddy. Thanks, Jess, for encouraging me to come!

Saturday - walked 1.5 miles (with Jessica) and hiked who knows how far - Gabe and I got to go on a hike by ourselves and remember how much we like being together. There were frequent pauses for kissing. :)

I'm still a little sore, but it is the right sort of soreness. And I'm looking forward to karate on Tuesday!

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