Friday, August 13, 2010


First, potty training is actually going really well. Better than it went with either of my other two year olds! Both of the girls seem to get #1, so it's #2 we're working on. Some progress there but . . . we've got a ways to go.

Still! Neither of my first two were ready this early, and I'm actually kind of thrilled. We've got a ways to go, but the progress we're making is enough to keep me from moving them back to diapers, and if you know me and my history with hating potty training, that's saying something.

Christa, is it bad that now I want to try a Denise Austin workout, just to enjoy the goofiness? It can't be worse than yoga booty ballet!

Katie P - I don't have any great tips about sleep, but lots of sympathy. It'll get better soon, but I hope that, for your sake, it gets better sooner.  (And the construction noise- ugh! I still just want to KILL anyone who interrupts naptime! I wouldn't, but it drives me (irrationally, I suppose) NUTS. Sorry that happened to you.)

Sorry also for the hard family-and-friends stuff. You're doing amazingly to be dealing with hard emotional stuff and still keeping up the good habits that you've established. I think it helps so much when we can keep up habits during hard times. Not just because it makes the hard time easier to get through, but because it makes it easier to get back to normal once they're over and the pressure is off. At least, that's been my experience.

I understand the whole being-healthy-but-not-satisfied thing, but I have to be honest, I'd take a peaceful mind over rock hard abs, any day. So, I'd go with your gut and skip the diet, and just keep up the bad habits. U. S. dollars to sand that's the way both a good body and a peaceful mindset, long term. Just my two cents! :)

Amie - I'm so glad Julie's off dialysis and home with her baby. Such good news! 

How's potty training going at your house? It sounds like it's good? is that right? Either way, good for you for going for it with a little (er) one in the house! That's what really intimidated me the first two times - what to do with the younger ones while the older ones need that one-on-one attention to learn this new skill.

And I'm sorry to hear that p90x takes that much time every day. It otherwise sounds like a program I'd be really interested in. Is it the sort of program you could split into 45 minute sessions and just take twice as long to get through?

Katie J. - I hope you like Personal Training with Jackie when you get it!  I hope your hip gets better.

Kelly - congratulations on the long run! Hope the scheduling change goes over okay. I'm working right now on booting us back up into a schooltime schedule - both for me and the kids homeschooling, and because Adam's schedule changes when the university gets going again.

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