Saturday, August 21, 2010

Biking and Sewing

Today I figured out that my computer fits on my exercise bike. A good thing- maybe? I am posting this while biking. So far, 14+ miles and 384 calories burned. Not bad for 45 minutes. Best $100 I've spent in a while - we've had our schwinn for about 6 months now.

Other than that, I am going to skip the details for this week in review. It was not very good. Two very bad emotional eating days that were slightly redeemed by the last 3 days of better eating and more sewing. Some exercise most days, but we were busy. Sewing is fast becoming a great mood lifter and food binging alternative.

Ending this post at 50 minutes, 15.5 miles, and 412 calories burned (about.) :)

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