Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up

Did Shred Wkt 2 today. My foot is fine, and I'm glad to be back in business. I was also able to have a good phone conversation with my sister yesterday to begin to process some of what has been going on for me, which helped me a lot. Yesterday eating was GREAT - the emotional charge is definitely way down, and that was noticeable. I am also feeling much better about handling stress and fussy babies, and my overall perspective on life is much brighter.

Kelly - so exciting about your 6-miler! Man, I have to admit I'm jealous - I miss being able to do longer runs. But I know that will only make it all the sweeter when I'm finally able to do them again. :) I like the way you're thinking of dividing up your workout week, with a mix of distances and speeds. That sounds smart, and is something I'd like to do. Thanks for your thoughts on eating. One thing I have been thinking about lately is not worrying so much about my eating. It's difficult because, when I'm honest with myself, I'm NOT really happy with my body right now. I'm within a healthy weight range, but I'm definitely closer to the high end and I'd like to be lighter and trimmer. But I definitely don't want to diet - I have done it before with great success but I always always bounce back after it, and that mentality just is dangerous for me. So I'm wondering if maybe, sort of like you're saying, if I don't stress about it, keep exercising, and keep trying to simply focus on not blatantly overeating (different from worrying about "did I just eat a bit too much?" and agonizing over that), if my body will find a happy medium. Maybe I just need to give it more time. I really enjoy exercising regularly and I really enjoy eating healthily so usually junk food isn't a problem if I can stay out of the sugar rut. Maybe I'm just not giving myself a chance to let it work itself out. When I think of how long it took you and others on here to lose baby weight, it makes me think I should just give myself some more time for my body to find its way. I read somewhere recently a quote about body image that I love: "Maybe it's not about learning to fall in love with my body... maybe it's about learning to fall in love with LIFE!"

Christa - Glad to hear you and Dan got a walk in together. And so glad to hear about his biking ventures! Yay! I'm sorry your shoulder's been giving you trouble, but I was happy to hear you got some new DVD's, even if they are cheesy :) ;) I have a Rodney Yee video too, and like it though I haven't done it in awhile. As for weights, I love my 5 lbs. I don't know if that would be too much of a leap for you, but I think they're pretty good (plus it's possible to find 2-lb spaghetti jars that you could then later eat if you didn't need them as weights anymore).

Jess - ha - yes, the standing mtn climbers have my name written all over them! :) At some point I wonder if I could borrow your "Banish/Boost" to check it out and see if I'd like to get my own? I loved the Carb Burner clip - my favorite part was the shadowboxing with the encouragement to "Knock out some carbs! Bam!" hee hee

Katie J - Yay for you! What a great feeling about your weight, and even neater that you feel stronger and happier :) Thank you so much for your prayers and empathy - that means a lot. I never knew how precious uninterrupted sleep was until I lost it! Now I see more why not sleeping at all can eventually drive a person to psychosis! I am grateful to have a husband who is so helpful and involved. Also, sleep has been better since we got home - thanks for praying.

Amie - That's interesting to hear about P90X. I actually have a version of "Power 90 Sculpt/Sweat", but I don't think that's exactly the same thing. It's got a 45 min aerobic part, and a 45 min strength part. Maybe that's the other one you mentioned that's not quite as hard. I'm so glad to hear that Julie is home with her baby - wow, what a miracle! Thank God for medical intervention when it's needed, huh? :)

Emily - I loved hearing that you and Gabe got a little "date" hike on your camping trip - yay! :) Sounds like fun.

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