Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 12 summary for Jess

Sun-Thurs: nothing

Friday: Personal Training with Jackie

Saturday: nothing

Oh well. Onward!

pull-ups + No More Trouble Zones

Felt great to do this!

AND . . . as of this week, I'm back to being able to do two pull-ups in a row! that's what I was able to do in the spring, before I got sick. And I'm back to it! I'm so psyched! Three-in-a-row, here I come!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

question for our runners

I went to a retreat this weekend, and one of the things I was thinking about was what refreshes me. Three of the things were exercise, silence and the out-of-doors.

Which made me wonder if I wanted to start running. Because that could combine all three. (Just thinking about trying it somehow on cardio days - I'm not giving up my weight-lifting!)

So, here's my question for you ladies who run: how do you handle safety issues? That's kind of a weird question, because I actually feel safe walking by myself in our neighborhood, but running seems different somehow. Maybe it's all those news stories that seem to involve bad things happening to female joggers. On the other hand, those female joggers always seem to be running through parks alone in the dark . . . anyway, I'd be running on main streets in the (early) daylight.

Is this something you're worried about? And what precautions do you take?  Thanks for the input!

ETA: I'm thinking about driving over and running on the university track. That'd let me run barefoot (it's an artificial track surface), which is how I'd want to go, I think. Plus, that might help a lot with my safety concerns. Anyone tried a track instead of the street or park?


Thanks for answering my 


So this week hasn't been great. I only was able to exercise 3 days this week and the workouts were short ones compared to my usual routine. I'm hoping this next week is better, but I think it is going to be a struggle to 'pump it up' again. I have a hard time re-adjusting to schedules.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Katie, my favorite go-to snacks are fruits and veg - just whatever we had in our CSA basket this week. And as for portable, apples and citrus transport pretty well, and soft fruits can be washed and bagged or put in a tupperware. Cucumber slices and carrots carry well in baggies.  I pretty much only cook for meals. Snacks are more likely to be a wash-and-chop affair!  

I also really like almonds and sunflower seeds, and the kids dig Trader Joe's dried bananas and dried mango and sesame seed crepes (Katie P introduced me to those!), though the last does have a fair amount of sugar and is processed - but very portable and has a fair amount of protein.  Oh! And hard-boiled eggs! The kids like them and I do too. If you boil them with salt in the water they're great right out of the shell.

And - not portable - my favorite snacky snack is popcorn. I air pop it and add melted butter, salt (you can get popcorn salt that's finely ground so it sticks better) and grated Parmesan cheese. Soooo good. And not high calorie if you go light on the butter.

Hope it helps, and I'm looking forward to read the others' suggestions!

Personal Training with Jackie + pull-ups

Yesterday. Looks like it might be just one workout this week for me - yipes! All I can say is our heat wave just did a number on me. I felt awful all week: eyes dry, headaches, ick. I don't do heat well.

But I ate well this week, so that's good. I feel like I'm still learning what "normal" eating is like for my non-pregnant, non-nursing self. I didn't know much about nutrition until I got pregnant and started researching it, and now (this month? next?) it's been a year since I stopped nursing. So, six years of learning about nutrition while nursing and/or pregnant, and now a year of learning how to feed just me. I'm getting there. But I'm still amazed at how different what my body needs is from what my mind (and mouth) want. It's said over and over again, but our culture (particularly advertisements) lead me to expect that I should be eating so much more than I really should. As I try to put the principles I've learned into practice, I'm finding it odd and hard, and I'm surprised that I'm surprised at that.  I guess what I'm really getting at is that this is the first time I've really taken this knowledge ("calories in < or =" calories">It's just really weird, realizing that everything they say about our eating culture is true. (And, when you think about how our culture simultaneously idolizes skinniness, it begins to look downright S&M. Unhealthy on both extremes at the same time.)

Hope this is okay to share. It's just been on my mind a lot as I've been working on learning how to feed myself when no one else is literally sucking calories out of me! (Now, figuratively sucking energy - that we can talk about!) 

Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

This Week and Snack ideas

This week was good as far as workouts were concerned. Eating went well most days, although having birthday cake from Luke's birthday around was not helpful. For my birthday, I think a trip to get frozen yogurt will be a better idea.

Monday: Prevention BBT with weights- adding the weights makes it comparable to the Shred I think.

Tuesday: Biked 1 hr!

Wednesday: biked 35 minutes

Thursday: nothing

Friday: Walked 2 miles with Luke, 2 parts of Prevention DVD, worked outside

I have a question. I am trying to do more made from scratch type of snacks and stay away from processed foods. Do you all have any favorite snacks that are also portable? Eating Well had this nice snack mix which would work if I added some nuts to the mix for protein. I have a go to breakfast and a few go to snacks (string cheese, whole wheat tortilla, trail mix), but I am looking for something different.

Hope everyone is doing well. It is the first week of school for all the kids in our area, so I am assuming some of you have had a busy week!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 3 recap for Amie

Monday: Abs, legs, yoga

Tuesday-Sunday Nothing :-(

A few notes as to why:
A terrible nasty not so good infection turned near hospitilization awful occurred to me this week...still teetering on the edge but hopeful this dose of medication keeps me at home and not checked in to the hospital...praying/hoping for the best!

Still in much emotional turmoil over my sister, I know you had asked Jess and it is ok to ask...she is just not seeking or acknowledging God right now and her decisions are heartbreaking...hoping to be feeling well enough to do more then walk around the block this week!

(almost) week summary

I did Pilates/weight workouts Wed and Thurs, nothing on friday, two miles on saturday, nothing on Sunday and two miles again today. Too busy for a long run, hopefully can get one in tomorrow morning.

My last two runs have been in my brand new horribly expensive Nike Air Pegasus 27 shoes. However, they surpass awesomeness. So cushiony that they actually feel spring-y and they are really flexible too. I also order a half size up based on advice I read on running boards and I think that really does make a difference. Have new arch supports but haven't run with them yet as you're supposed to wear them a bit 'normally' before running in them.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 11 Summary for Jess

Sunday: Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom

Monday: Personal Training with Jackie + pull-ups

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: nothing

Friday: Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown, Levels 1 & 2

Saturday: No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Yesterday. Not today. Today I went to church, came home and had lunch and journaled and started devouring Dr Who: The Writer's Tale, also devoured some Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch (the best ice cream in the entire world and ENTIRELY worth the calorie count - once in awhile), thought I was going to write some of my "fun story" (that's what I call it in my head; it's your basic space opera), but instead found that I was in exactly the right place to finish a scene in the "real novel" (also a nickname from the world of my head, for the WIP I'm supposed to be finishing), did that and now am looking forward to reading yet MORE Writer's Tale. Will resume proper health practices tomorrow. Today was for my head and my heart.\


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Biking and Sewing

Today I figured out that my computer fits on my exercise bike. A good thing- maybe? I am posting this while biking. So far, 14+ miles and 384 calories burned. Not bad for 45 minutes. Best $100 I've spent in a while - we've had our schwinn for about 6 months now.

Other than that, I am going to skip the details for this week in review. It was not very good. Two very bad emotional eating days that were slightly redeemed by the last 3 days of better eating and more sewing. Some exercise most days, but we were busy. Sewing is fast becoming a great mood lifter and food binging alternative.

Ending this post at 50 minutes, 15.5 miles, and 412 calories burned (about.) :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown

Ow, ow, ow . . . I did levels 1 & 2 of this (skipped the warm-up on Level 2, 'cause I was already warmed up). This is one I could see buying someday (tried it via Netflix), because I think there's a lot of room for growth here! Did I say "ouch" yet? All the holding halfway down in push-up poses . . . and now that I've tried it, I really want to get good at the crow pose.

Anyway, most of the idea here seemed to be taking the "power" yoga poses and going in and out of them for several repetitions, and then when you were really sore, going back into them and holding them for a while. Love it! But I did miss the serenity of a Rodney Yee yoga DVD, just because Jillian talks and talks and talks . . . lots of it helpful to getting the poses right, but still, not totally peaceful. She did make yoga into a real workout though.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

problem fixed

ran 6 miles today with my old shoes. Felt great. So my problems this last few months have definitely been due to my new shoes. Now, to just find time to go find another pair as my old ones are definitely old. Unfortunately, I can't find them online and get the same pair!

Monday, August 16, 2010

shoes for high arches

So, I was feeling nerve pain around my shin yesterday and did some research. The condensed version is this: People with high arches tend to underpronate when they run. This means that when running, your foot tends to roll outwards when running. For this, it is best to wear shoes that are flexible with a soft midsole to help absorb shock. So cushioning + flexibility.

My last shoes, I just focused on ones with thick cushioning with stability and control because I thought that would *prevent* injury since a lot of my running is on asphalt. Little did I know that the decreased flexibility of the shoes is what would actually cause me pain!!!

Double Workouts!

Grammy and Papa are in town, so I have had a little more free time. Yesterday I walked 2 miles with a stroller and did 4/7 circuits of BFBM (my hips are still tender, so the more jumpy cardio ones are out). Today I walked 2.5 miles and rode the bike about 7 miles. It has been fun to begin stepping up the workouts again!

Kelly- Sorry to hear about the shoes. I purchased some Asics recently from Marshalls because of the price tag (and because I had looked at several places already that day), and I am regretting it already. I have high arches too, and have used inserts in the past to help in shoes that needed them. Where did you research the shoes? I have looked before too and found so many different recommendations that it was overwhelming. Sometimes I think that I had better just pay for Consumer Reports as much as I like researching all of my purchases.

Emily- Way to be so disciplined! And with all the construction that was going on too!

Katie- I'm glad that you are so aware of where you are right now and the pressures around. It sounds like you have made a realistic plan for yourself.

I love Agave nectar too. Actually, I have altered several everyday baking recipes to include molasses, honey and agave nectar instead of the more refined sugars and I love it. (I still eat things with refined sugars in them, but that is definitely something that I ought to cut down on). I began experimenting with them when I was pregnant, and picked it up now that Luke is eating so much more.

Results! Results!

I must say I'm very impressed with the results of doing Shred 1 only 2 times a week. My mid-section is shrinking and has a vague appearance of being toned. It's also more comfortable to sleep in bed at night. I still want to get to 3 times a week, buy another DVD, and buy some real weights, but I'm very encouraged and definitely think I can keep it up. Now, if only the baby (8mos) would sleep through the night, maybe I'd feel awesome (still waking up 3 times, + occasional Kate wakings . . . argh!!!)

Kelly-I'd love to know what kind of shoes work well with high arches. I have that problem too. I bought a cheap pair at Marshalls, and after several years of trying to make them work, finally gave them away. Several weeks ago I bought Asics Gel Pheonix, and they seem to be much better so far. I think I tried on nearly every shoe in the mall before I bought them.

Food-Right now I'm just trying to eat more veggies and fewer carbs. This is mainly motivated by being pre-diabetic. It all started when I didn't pass the gestational diabetes test (the full one, not just the screening) in my last pregnancy. I didn't fail the test either, but the medical personnel wanted me to eat as if I had gestational diabetes anyway. I did and what followed was loosing about 5 lbs in my 3rd trimester. (Yes, I know this is normally not a good thing, but I was still eating when I was hungry.) After delivery I went back to a normal carb consuming diet (it was Christmas). Gradually I have gone back to limiting carbs to approximately 2 servings per meal (and I'm totally flexible when it comes to eating with friends or the occasional splurge for a favorite recipe). To make up for streamlining the carbs, I've been focusing my meal planning on fixing really good vegetable dishes and tacking on the carbs and protein as more of an afterthought. Overall, I find that I am much more sensitive to carbs/sugar now. The idea of eating a doughnut is unappealing and actually eating one makes me feel ill.

Oh, yea. So, I can't remember if I got my second workout in last week. I think I did. But I just did the first one for this week.

Personal Training with Jackie + pull-ups

I got up early this morning and had my devotions and worked out. I always want to do this, but don't always actually do it. But I'm really glad I did this today, because after I did, my son came to the top of the stairs and said, "I need to throw up." And he did. So . . . it's probably going to be a long day, and I'm very grateful I've already done my stuff, because I'm going to need to concentrate on my poor sicko the rest of today, I think.


p.s. Yesterday, I went swimming for the first time since I had Lasik. Wow! I could swim on my back, looking up at the sky, and actually see the leaves on the eucalyptus trees and the gorgeous daytime moon floating in the sky and everything. It was beautiful!

need new shoes

Yesterday I did a 3 mile run, came home and discarded the new running shoes I had bought in June. I've been dealing with all sorts of issues since buying them (including never ending blisters) and thought I just needed to adjust to them. But, yesterday, after feeling nerve pain up my shins, I decided it was indeed the shoes fault, not mine. Doing research, I discovered that the shoe I had originally was the perfect shoe for my high arch feet and the new one I thought was an improvement, was the worst. So, good to know but now I have to go buy new shoes. Thankfully, I kept my old ones and those will last me till I go shopping.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom

Whew! This one is so much fun, but it leaves me soooo out of breath. But it's so pretty. This is the sort of dance DVD that makes you want to be in better shape just so that you can do the dances more skillfully. I especially enjoyed the Paso Doble this time around.


Week 10 Summary for Jess

Sunday: nothing

Monday: Personal Training with Jackie + pull-ups

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix, 3/5 circuits

Thursday: No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Friday: Yoga Booty Ballet (ick, hack, yuck!)

Saturday: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, 5.5/7 circuits

I have to say: this blog has been so good for me. I'm exercising much more consistently than I was when we started it. Thanks, ladies!


Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism & a note to Katie P.

Did 5.5/7 circuits of this yesterday, and Katie P., yes, you may borrow it, as long as you bring it back before the loss of it lets me  get lazy and fat. ;) It's always nice to try things out before you buy them. Let me know when you want to stop by and pick it up.


Not exactly exercise related...

But since we've been discussing some food and weight issues here too, I thought I'd share. I just finished 30 days of not consuming white sugar, white flour, or caffeine (except for two days while camping - those s'mores were delicious!) If you're interested, you can read about it on my regular blog here. The surprising and un-looked-for bonus was a 5.5lb weight loss, even though I was not exercising much. I think that I've likely found a solution that works for my particular body, and that is really exciting.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

last few days

Katie P--The Dormition refers to the falling asleep (i.e. death) of the Virgin Mary. In the Orthodox Church, we fast for 2 weeks prior to whenever the feast day falls (which is tomorrow this year!).

On food--it is so annoying, isn't it? How something so innocent can become SUCH a battle? I think your plan sounds good. It might be helpful to set out food and snacks the night before (or at times when you are fed) so that you aren't tempted to grab something quick.

This last week, we have had guests for dinner every night except one, and I think I tend to eat more when we have people over. So, I have to remember portion control when I am talking!

Okay, so the last few days in review are Wednesday--nothing since I was helping a friend move. Thursday, I only managed 20 minutes of Pilates and yesterday I did a 5 mile run. I am not certain how today will work as we are helping out a family (I think some of you might know them--the Speckmans?). Micah and Jenn put them in touch with us as they're moving up here later this month. Anyhow, we are babysitting their kids today while they apartment hunt. So, workout videos with 5 kids? Might be a bit challenging!!!! This week might just be a 4 day workout week for me. But I am trying to remember that is okay. One thing I learned while traveling was that working out 3-4 days a week does maintain my current weight/shape. Working out more is a plus and helps my panic issues, but isn't neccessary for weight control (which I confess, I was obsessing over this last month).

So, that is my new battle: not becoming obsessive, compulsive about exercise. I fear gaining weight (losing 45 pounds over the course of several years was hard work) and I fear panic attacks. Neither fears are helpful mentally and they are a recent part of my struggles.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Bobbing Up and Down For Now

Today did Shred Wkt 2. Yesterday did a 25 minute swim again. Wednesday I think was also Shred 2. Sleep has been limping along lately - I'm really thankful for a weekend, because I'm hoping I can get some naps in.

Thanks to those of you who've mentioned how my posts on eating have encouraged you - that is coming back and now re-encouraging me. I've just started to feel discouraged because, well probably honestly because I feel like I'm in a very imperfect place right now. The weight of the stuff that came up last week is still sinking in, and I feel like I haven't yet "righted my kayak," or gotten it straight inside of me what's going on (or rather, what happened and how it affected me - especially the couple that is splitting up). It's still kind of a mess inside, and my eating reflects that. Kind of like I'm just bobbing up and down in the kayak, and can't go anywhere yet.

But hearing from some of you that you are looking at eating spiritually is motivating me right now to declare what my new, for-the-time-being goals will be, until I can get a little steadier stance. Even though I feel out of whack (and even though my eating has been out of whack this week), I'm going to try to stick to eating at mealtimes. It doesn't matter if I eat a bigger meal or not, what matters is that I put together a full, balanced, satisfying meal onto one plate (or at least sit down with it all at one time), and enjoy eating it. I don't need to worry about being a perfect balance between satisfied and full, or wait until I'm perfectly hungry blahblahblah, BUT when the meal is done, it's done. No eating half a meal so that I have the excuse to nibble more between meals to make up for it - that just gets me feeling yucky later. I can also have my 3pm snack if I'd like, but other than that no eating between meals.

That's my new goal. If I don't meet it, I at least can be more specific in looking at what happened. Hopefully this will help clear away some of the murky cloudiness of the past week, and give me a bit more clarity. But I am also realizing I need to give myself grace: I've been going through a lot emotionally, and it makes sense that I've been floundering and feeling a bit lost. If things are murky, that is kind of natural.

Jess - thanks for the sympathy about napping - my thoughts/feelings exactly when someone interrupts a nap!! And while I didn't kill them, I DEFINITELY called our HOA manager this morning when the same neighbors who had the loud construction all week had a dog out on their patio (right below Naomi's window) who began barking incessantly at 6 am this morning, and did not stop for a few hours. In life there are a lot of things you have no control over, but it sure is nice when you can exert SOME control!

Katie J - I don't think I've ever heard of a Dormition fast - interesting. What is it and when/why do you do it? I definitely have a trigger food and its name is sugar. I find that I have to almost completely avoid it, and it actually makes a physical difference for me - as in, I physically am much more able to avoid overeating if I don't have sugar in my system. I'm still not sure exactly where my tipping point is, as I can have a small amount and still be ok (it also seems like agave doesn't bother me, though I'm not sure if that's also because I usually only use a small amount when I use it?). But I have found that if I have a dessert or a larger amount of sugar, I will often feel the effects almost immediately (an unpleasant "surge" through my body, like my blood is pumping harder and faster, and it feels icky), and then the next 24 hours I will want to eat more. If I can be aware of it and hold back from giving in, after about 24 hours it all passes and I'm back to normal. But if I do give in and eat, the cycle seems to continue.

Amie - I know what you mean about the NOT eating a good meal actually contributing to eating poorly later - I am the same way! I want to check out your recipe - sounds yummy!


First, potty training is actually going really well. Better than it went with either of my other two year olds! Both of the girls seem to get #1, so it's #2 we're working on. Some progress there but . . . we've got a ways to go.

Still! Neither of my first two were ready this early, and I'm actually kind of thrilled. We've got a ways to go, but the progress we're making is enough to keep me from moving them back to diapers, and if you know me and my history with hating potty training, that's saying something.

Christa, is it bad that now I want to try a Denise Austin workout, just to enjoy the goofiness? It can't be worse than yoga booty ballet!

Katie P - I don't have any great tips about sleep, but lots of sympathy. It'll get better soon, but I hope that, for your sake, it gets better sooner.  (And the construction noise- ugh! I still just want to KILL anyone who interrupts naptime! I wouldn't, but it drives me (irrationally, I suppose) NUTS. Sorry that happened to you.)

Sorry also for the hard family-and-friends stuff. You're doing amazingly to be dealing with hard emotional stuff and still keeping up the good habits that you've established. I think it helps so much when we can keep up habits during hard times. Not just because it makes the hard time easier to get through, but because it makes it easier to get back to normal once they're over and the pressure is off. At least, that's been my experience.

I understand the whole being-healthy-but-not-satisfied thing, but I have to be honest, I'd take a peaceful mind over rock hard abs, any day. So, I'd go with your gut and skip the diet, and just keep up the bad habits. U. S. dollars to sand that's the way both a good body and a peaceful mindset, long term. Just my two cents! :)

Amie - I'm so glad Julie's off dialysis and home with her baby. Such good news! 

How's potty training going at your house? It sounds like it's good? is that right? Either way, good for you for going for it with a little (er) one in the house! That's what really intimidated me the first two times - what to do with the younger ones while the older ones need that one-on-one attention to learn this new skill.

And I'm sorry to hear that p90x takes that much time every day. It otherwise sounds like a program I'd be really interested in. Is it the sort of program you could split into 45 minute sessions and just take twice as long to get through?

Katie J. - I hope you like Personal Training with Jackie when you get it!  I hope your hip gets better.

Kelly - congratulations on the long run! Hope the scheduling change goes over okay. I'm working right now on booting us back up into a schooltime schedule - both for me and the kids homeschooling, and because Adam's schedule changes when the university gets going again.

Yoga Booty Ballet

Oh for Pete's sake. These videos had some of the creepiest people I've ever seen on an exercise DVD. And that was after I skipped the floofy-New-Age-y-not-so-much-yoga-as-rich-L.A.-ladies-who-think-they-understand-Eastern-philosophy meditation bits.  

So, um, yeah. Not a fan. The dance parts (which were the parts I did - I tried the dance parts from two different DVDs) were definitely aerobic and parts were very fun, but I just couldn't get over the creepies. Some of the dancers were fine, and I tried to look at them to see how to do the moves, but there were two or three that just gave me the heebie-jeebies (including at least one, possibly both of the instructors) and they were all on the screen far too much of the time.

Ick. I think I need to take a shower. And not just because I just worked out.


Change-up and Check Up

Well, we got back from our little vacation on Sunday afternoon. I have been running errands ever since, leaving little time to blog.

This week was different than those in the past have been. I have not been as motivated to workout, so I have been trying to be more generally active. This is partly due to my hips still being sore, and partly due to being tired. Instead of exercise DVD's, I have been cleaning and deep cleaning a lot more, plus working outside.

If I do work out inside, I need extra help, so I turn on a 20-25 min HGTV show (from Hulu) and practice my Jillian strength moves.

Eating has been going well the past few days (after a few ok or not-so-good days). I have realized that partly my good days have come because we are currently in the Dormition fast. I have not been eating dessert and it has made a big difference. Specifically, I have realized that granola bars, cookies, and chocolate are hard for me to eat in moderation. Do you all have any specific trigger foods? Do you stay away from them completely?

Last week, I met a major goal. This week, I had my first physical in a year and a half. My blood pressure was about 100/60 and I had a low resting heart rate. :) My weight was up from last week, but I think it was really a combination of water gain from some salty things I had eaten, and a really old scale.

Saturday: Walk up and down hills with stroller (loved this one)

Sunday: Nothing- drove home with 3 kids for 4 hours (that was enough)

Monday: Shred Level 2

Tuesday: Strength exercises for 20 minutes

Wed: 2 mile Walk with Luke in stroller, Strength exercises for 5 minutes

Thurs: Strength exercises for 5 minutes, 30 min heavy duty workoutdoors

Friday: Strength exercises for 20 minutes, LOTS of deep cleaning

Brief food thoughts...

Katie P
I have been so challenged by your post on food and how you really view it as a spiritual battleground in so many ways...I had never thought of it that way! I have become more aware of how I use food as a stress escape and am working on eliminating that in my life in large part due to the posts of you (and others here)

ANYWAY I recognized that the best thing for me is to make sure I have a lunch I often I just scrounge for leftovers or do (gulp) nothing and around 3:30 feel like I am craving sugar...but if I make something I love and enjoy eating that is healthy it is worth the extra 10 minutes in the kitchen in my energy level and reduced temptation to eat poorly pre-dinner.

Had to share my newest obsession which I eat about four days a week right now for lunch (yeah it's that good and mango's are in season...) I love sitting down to a beautiful thai salad in the afternoon !!!

Thanks for your challenges!

Potty Training

We "boot camped" or cold turkey potty trained Rosemary last week (just didn't let her have any diapers period)....I think any workout you are able to squeeze in while potty training twins should burn double the calories and build twice the muscle. Hang in there I feel your pain! (actually still do a week isn't quite enough time for us to be totally accident free)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Yep. And nothing yesterday, 'cause we were potty-training, and I was stressed out. But the potty-training is going well . . . well . . . well-enough-to-be-going-on-with.  So. Onward.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up

Did Shred Wkt 2 today. My foot is fine, and I'm glad to be back in business. I was also able to have a good phone conversation with my sister yesterday to begin to process some of what has been going on for me, which helped me a lot. Yesterday eating was GREAT - the emotional charge is definitely way down, and that was noticeable. I am also feeling much better about handling stress and fussy babies, and my overall perspective on life is much brighter.

Kelly - so exciting about your 6-miler! Man, I have to admit I'm jealous - I miss being able to do longer runs. But I know that will only make it all the sweeter when I'm finally able to do them again. :) I like the way you're thinking of dividing up your workout week, with a mix of distances and speeds. That sounds smart, and is something I'd like to do. Thanks for your thoughts on eating. One thing I have been thinking about lately is not worrying so much about my eating. It's difficult because, when I'm honest with myself, I'm NOT really happy with my body right now. I'm within a healthy weight range, but I'm definitely closer to the high end and I'd like to be lighter and trimmer. But I definitely don't want to diet - I have done it before with great success but I always always bounce back after it, and that mentality just is dangerous for me. So I'm wondering if maybe, sort of like you're saying, if I don't stress about it, keep exercising, and keep trying to simply focus on not blatantly overeating (different from worrying about "did I just eat a bit too much?" and agonizing over that), if my body will find a happy medium. Maybe I just need to give it more time. I really enjoy exercising regularly and I really enjoy eating healthily so usually junk food isn't a problem if I can stay out of the sugar rut. Maybe I'm just not giving myself a chance to let it work itself out. When I think of how long it took you and others on here to lose baby weight, it makes me think I should just give myself some more time for my body to find its way. I read somewhere recently a quote about body image that I love: "Maybe it's not about learning to fall in love with my body... maybe it's about learning to fall in love with LIFE!"

Christa - Glad to hear you and Dan got a walk in together. And so glad to hear about his biking ventures! Yay! I'm sorry your shoulder's been giving you trouble, but I was happy to hear you got some new DVD's, even if they are cheesy :) ;) I have a Rodney Yee video too, and like it though I haven't done it in awhile. As for weights, I love my 5 lbs. I don't know if that would be too much of a leap for you, but I think they're pretty good (plus it's possible to find 2-lb spaghetti jars that you could then later eat if you didn't need them as weights anymore).

Jess - ha - yes, the standing mtn climbers have my name written all over them! :) At some point I wonder if I could borrow your "Banish/Boost" to check it out and see if I'd like to get my own? I loved the Carb Burner clip - my favorite part was the shadowboxing with the encouragement to "Knock out some carbs! Bam!" hee hee

Katie J - Yay for you! What a great feeling about your weight, and even neater that you feel stronger and happier :) Thank you so much for your prayers and empathy - that means a lot. I never knew how precious uninterrupted sleep was until I lost it! Now I see more why not sleeping at all can eventually drive a person to psychosis! I am grateful to have a husband who is so helpful and involved. Also, sleep has been better since we got home - thanks for praying.

Amie - That's interesting to hear about P90X. I actually have a version of "Power 90 Sculpt/Sweat", but I don't think that's exactly the same thing. It's got a 45 min aerobic part, and a 45 min strength part. Maybe that's the other one you mentioned that's not quite as hard. I'm so glad to hear that Julie is home with her baby - wow, what a miracle! Thank God for medical intervention when it's needed, huh? :)

Emily - I loved hearing that you and Gabe got a little "date" hike on your camping trip - yay! :) Sounds like fun.

10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix

Eh. The 10 Minute Solution DVDs can be good, but I think combining that format with dancing is a bad idea, because you don't have enough time to work up to a good routine. I did 3 out of 5 circuits of this yesterday. Don't think I'll do it again.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hardest run yet

So, today I got the nerve mid-run to try for six miles. At that point the only option was to add a mile uphill in the run and I did it! My hardest run yet. Six miles with one mile uphill. It was tiring and it really forced me to be careful about my running posture, but it was good.

I've been rethinking workout goals/scheduling because next week we start homeschooling again. I think I'm going to shoot for one 6 mile run a week, 1-2 4.5 or 5 mile runs and one fast 2 miler. The other days I'll do Pilates/Yoga. I like to give my body a break between runs and find doing Pilates on alternating days really keeps my body limber (and it keeps my back from going out, an added plus!).

The annoying thing is that once Jesse starts his schedule (two weeks from now), I'm going to have to readjust my running times to late afternoons since he plans on leaving on working 5 a.m.-3/4 p.m. That will take some adjusting as I've gotten used to exercising in the mornings.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

... you may choose to make lemonade with it, but it still hurts like a mother when you get squirt in the eye along the way.

This past week or so was really really hard for me. On the exercise front, I am proud of how I did, and eating too, but everything kind of came crashing down yesterday when I spent an hour trying to calm a screaming baby with the loudest construction happening right below her window, and when she finally went to sleep I totally overate. Then it hit me just how hard it has been the past 10 days or so, and how much I need to process.

I already shared in my last post what had been happening sleep-wise at the start of our vacation. That continued until we came home the following Saturday, although Daniel let me sleep in a separate room a couple nights so I could at least get some more sleep, which helped some (I still woke some though). Thursday I stubbed my toe so hard that I spent a few hours believing I had broken it. This was also scary for me. After talking to a friend who recently broke her toe, and after hours of elevating, icing, resting, etc. the next morning I woke up and it felt a whole lot better - no bruising, no swelling, mobility, etc. I still stayed off of it for 2 more days after that, but now I am quite sure it's not broken and pretty much have full mobility back (in terms of walking around and doing normal activity). I think I just stubbed it really hard.

Layered on top of this was not only anxiety about spending some condensed time with a family member who pushes my boundaries, and around whom I have to work hard to protect those boundaries. I found out that a couple that Daniel and I care a lot about are splitting up, and I also had some painful encounters with 2 other family members who I care a lot about, but who are making or have made bad choices. I've spent most of my life trying to fix them and am only recently realizing how much I have lost by trying to do that, and am now instead trying to just grieve what is not.

And it just hurts.

Most of last week I was not in a position to actually feel that grief - just kind of had to see it, let go of trying to fix it, and then put it away until I could actually process it. But you know, grief just sucks to feel, and it's so much easier to put it out of mind if it's out of sight. So once we were away from the family members and I would have actually had space to process I completely forgot about processing it. Except that I felt depressed. And then starting this past Sunday it started to build more. And then yesterday (Mon) it built even more. When the whole loud construction "nap" was not happening yesterday, and I got so upset afterwards, it was so noticeable to me that I couldn't help but sit back and think, "whoa... ok something is really not ok." Then when I began to write out all that had been going on in the last 10 days, it sank in how much stress I've been under, how much pain I've pushed down, and how much I need to process.

In a lot of ways this shows me that I actually have made a whole lot of progress this past month with my emotional eating. For one thing, I realized that it has been a whole 4 weeks of not overeating at all! That's a pretty big deal for me. For another thing, it only took one time of overeating to realize something was wrong, and I was actually able to identify it and begin processing it. I've battled depression in my life several times, and - although painful - it feels good this time to connect the depressed feeling to actual feelings underneath and begin to stir those up instead of feeling trapped in this numb, dead feeling. At least it feels more alive, and there is some fresh air and hope. But I still hate grieving. Hate it.


Exercise. I am proud of myself for the past week, how I dealt with everything that came my way. Up in the mountains, I was able to do shred a few times (when we were staying in a cabin), I did a couple runs that were really challenging, and I took a few hikes. Yet at the same time I rested instead of working out when I was lacking sleep, and when I injured my foot I completely rested it and didn't do anything for a few days. One of the days I was resting my foot, I did crunches and pushups to challenge myself, instead of giving up on doing a workout completely. I was flexible and enjoyed being on vacation and with others, and didn't go to either extreme of completely abandoning my workouts and overeating, or holding on so tight to my scheduled workouts that my schedule has trouble meshing with the group schedule (both of which I've done in the past). Sunday I was starting to feel the motivational inertia of taking time off from working out (plus the depression), so I figured out something I could do that would still give my foot a break but let me get a workout: I went to the pool and swam some laps for about 25 minutes (which felt great - my triceps were KILLING me!! Shred just isn't the same as swimming!) Yesterday I tried "shred" again, and my foot was fine, so today I did half of my usual run and it is still fine. I think I can go back to normal exercising now. I am proud of myself for not giving up completely, but not pushing myself too hard and listening to my lack of sleep and my injury and letting myself rest.

Eating. I am also proud of how I've been eating, even though I could feel really discouraged that I overate yesterday. Looking back at the last week, I realize how much stress I was under, and am so pleased that I didn't turn to food like I could have. Instead, I realize that I have grown in using my voice to set boundaries (rather than using food to deal with frustration when boundaries are crossed), and in letting go of things I can't change (still far from perfect in this area, but a lot further than I used to be).

Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer week 2 Amie recap

All workouts are tony horton's 10 minute trainer except for my weekend adventures of course!

Monday: 35 minutes 34 oz water

Tuesday: nothing but lots of prayer for my sister (oh how my heart aches) and overeating (sigh)

Wed: 35 minutes 36 oz water and recovery drink
Total Body
Lower Body

Thursday: 35 minutes 36 oz water

Friday: 35 minutes
total body

Saturday: football game with Jon (yeah for free tickets)
Walked up 500 stairs (yeah they were the cheap seats) and determined I really don't like football (which I kind of already knew) but I really love doing anything with my handsome husband (which I really knew)

Sunday: 3 hour 6 mile hike carrying 50lbs worth of 4 year old and gear :-)


Christa--Denise is a barbie, but I like her workouts. Once you learn the routine, you can just do them with the music only. Anyhow, it is a couple of her videos that I use to work out. It does keep things comedice when you're told in the middle of the 100th crunch to keep that happy smile and pat yourself on the back!!!

So, Friday I had to take off due to a schedule misunderstanding with Jesse. I waited till late afternoon to run and Jesse ended up needing to run errands then. Then friends came over and all was lost. I ran 4.5 miles on Saturday and took yesterday off since we went to a friends house right after church and didn't get back till bedtime.

Today will hold exercise, but I'm not sure yet if I'll run or do pilates.

** Okay. Just got back from a 15 minute 2 mile run after doing a 10 minute pilates ab workout.

Week 9 Summary for Jess

Monday: Personal Training with Jackie + pull-ups

Tuesday: 10 Minute Solution: Carb Burner (minus one scratched circuit)

Wednesday: nothing

Thursday: No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Friday: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Saturday: nothing

I would like to say that I think, three days later, that my calves are still a little sore from all the jumping in Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism.


Personal Training with Jackie + pull-ups today.


Back at It

Evening walk with hubby yesterday. Shred 1 today!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Barbie & Unexpected Study Perks

Jess, no major objections to the outfit

but the mannerisms, tone of voice, etc, etc, oy!

I managed to wonk out some shoulder related muscles this week, so conventional exercise has taken the back burner for a few days. Unusually, my thighs and quads have been killing me . . . like I've worked them out really hard. The only thing I've done differently this week is sitting in a chair and working on some research. Apparently I should use my "research muscles" more often. I will be returning to regular exercise this week when my father-in-law is no longer sleeping in our living room (weekend visit), which the other tense study muscles will appreciate.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Did this today.

Katie P. - I thought of you while I was doing this because there's a move in there called "standing mountain-climbers", and I remembered how you say the regular ones are your nemesis. It made me wonder if you'd think standing ones were better or worse. :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Katie J--you rock.

And I may not be pre-Lucy preggo, but I nearly fit into my wedding dress last week! (yes, I tried it on when I was visiting my parents).

Today, 45 minutes pilates and yoga and feeling good. Figured out that my sluggishness was due to a coffee problem. We normally drink half caff at home and I've been spending the last month totally caffeinated. My body is just readjusting to less caffeine again. (not that I drink much, but still...)

No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Did these today. 

But, more importantly, congratulations, Katie! Below pre-pregnancy weight is splendid. I'm so happy for you!


Goal Met!

Well, I stepped on the scale for the first time in a few months last night (we are staying at a friend's house), and was very pleasantly surprised! I now weigh slightly less than I did when I got pregnant with Luke. Yay! :)

This would have been an even bigger deal to me in times past because of how focused I used to be on the numbers. While I am very happy, I have realized that I am even happier with the fact that I have become so much stronger and, overall, happier.

On another front, my injury is bothering me less and less each day. I did Shred 1 & 2, lifted some weights and took a walk so far this week. These were modified to accomade my hips as much as I could.

Katie P- I have been thinking about you. Luke was such a terrible sleeper that I often spent half the day mad because of it. You are definitely not alone in that struggle! It is especially hard when other moms are saying how well their children sleep. Luke didn't sleep through the night consistently until about 21 months!

Exercising is tough when you feel sleep deprived too since your body already has a stress. Also, the frustration itself takes a lot out of a person. I am praying for you.

Jessica- What a great feeling! I am glad that you are finding so many ways to challenge yourself, and enjoy it! Also, I almost have enough rewards points from Amazon to pick up the Personal Training with Jackie. Looking forward to trying that one out.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amie summer workout take 2 week 1 and P90X answer

Katie J-
Regarding P90X see bottom of this post :-)

OK! Here is my workout summer AT HOME :-)

All these are from Tony Horton's 10 minutes DVD

Monday: 25 minutes and 32 oz water
Lower Body

Tuesday: 25 minutes and 32 oz water
Lower body

Wed: 15 minutes 18 oz water
Yoga Stretch

Thursday: 25 minutes 18 oz water
Yoga Stretch

Friday: 25 minutes 44 oz water
Lower body

Saturday: 25 minutes 44 oz water

Sunday 15 minutes 20 oz water

35 minutes/ day and consistent water intake :-)


I LOVE LOVE P90X. I only completed 1/2 of it due to summer but am planning on starting over and completing it in October. It is a workout to prime athletes for events not just "tone" or get in shape as such it really does demand that hour and half six days a week. This is daunting but it is ONLY FOR 90 DAYS! And the halfway result was unlike anything I have ever experienced, even competing in my "prime" as an athlete. After you complete the 90 days you just would do maintenance (you already have the strength it is just maintaining) and they have some ideas to help you do so in more manageable chunks (20-40 minutes/day). If you want to be in your best shape EVER this program is what you should do but be sure and get your spouse doing it with you or you may burn out :-) I'll try and do a better review later but that's what I have for you now :-)

on another note you could try p90 it is the get in great shape but not athletic shape version...I hear it is also amazing and only 30 minutes/ day...might be worth checking out!


Just did a 4 mile hill run.

This week seems to be a challenge for me mentally. I am exercising, but each day has involved a mental battle. I "know" I need to exercise for emotional/mental stability, but my emotions and thoughts are all communicating, "Take a break. Sleep. Relax." Jesse says it is because I subconsciously know I can finally relax after a month of go-go-go. Maybe that's so, but it is making it hard to get out and exercise and I am not getting as much of an endorphin high because of it. However, I suppose this is just another bump on the road to battle and one that I will be thankful for at some point in the future.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Minute Solution: Carb Burner

Oh, I have another lovely youtube clip for you ladies. This is what I did today:

Borrowed it from the library and, sadly, the section I was most interested in - the high intensity circuit with the jumping - was scratchy and I couldn't do it. So, I did four out of five. Not terrible, but not the burn you get with a Jillian DVD. Still, fun to do something new on a cardio day.

But isn't that lady the perkiest and cheeriest and aerobiciest of the perky cheerleader-y aerobics instructors you've ever seen? Adam's theory is it's how she holds her hands, with the wrists cocked out to the sides. The kick-boxing section just cracked me up. "And punch, and punch . . ." :D Yeah. That there's not knocking out anyone, lady.

Now that I'm getting back into a routine of working out every day (yay!), I'm trying to do weight-heavy DVDs one day, and cardio-heavy ones the next. So, it's usually Jackie or Jillian on weight days, but I can pick my poison on cardio days, which is kind of fun. I have a bunch of stuff on request from the library to try out. Honestly, even when it's not amazing, like today, I still enjoy switching it up - but only when I have my nice, familiar strength-training workouts to anchor me.

I also like (and this is new - I remember when it wasn't true) feeling like I'm in good enough shape that I can try something new without being afraid that I'm not going to be able to do it creditably. I mean, I still screw up new moves (I still screw up old moves), but I'm not scared that I'm going to die. (Except when it comes to Pilates. And then I'm scared my neck is going to die. And P90X. Because everyone dies with P90X, right? Still want to try it someday. Amie, do you have to do it an hour a day for it to work?)


done already

Felt sluggish all morning and spent the morning fighting between making up excuses to exercise and NOT to exercise. Finally, in the middle of a conversation with Jesse, I said, "I've gotta go run NOW or I'll never do it" and I just walked out the door! So, I ran 2 miles.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Personal Training with Jackie

This, plus pull-ups. Nice to be able to do that again!


A few responses

Katie J - So neat to hear you're noticing a difference in your ability to work through an injury by doing different things. I'm so sorry about your foot - ow!! And you mentioning the podcasts again makes me interested in checking them out. That's great that you can do "useful exercise" - cleaning up while getting a workout. I've thought similar things about people who drive to the gym to run on a treadmill :). Obviously some people live too far from a gym to be able to run to it, but it's still humorous to me.

Christa - I haven't gotten to read your post yet but I was so so so happy to see your name back on here!! Miss you!

No more time now - will be back.

I'm back (in more ways then one)

I am home (yeah!) and excited to have no travels planned for the rest of the summer (yeah!)

All exercise goals were too ambitious for our crazy traveling camping schedule since almost all journeys were sans my husband :-)

To start off my first day home I am potty training Rosemary (no more diapers EVER style).

Needless to say my twenty minute workout took almost 2 hours today but it felt great! I am doing Tony Horton's 10 minute workout (following the 2o minutes/day regime). He bothers me in general but his workouts are the best I've ever done so I just "mute" his voice :-). Today I did lower body and abs while listening to Jason Harwell (he plays at High school camp for us each year and is one of my favorite people to just talk to and listen too..
&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Katie Secretly Married At The Age Of 8 by J. Harwell&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;

Julie is home from the hospital with her baby thanks for your prayers it is a true miraculous healing for her as she is dialysis free!

Thanks for challenging me to make healthy lifestyles a priority!

Good to be back

It's good to be back home and have Jesse here again! Yesterday I enjoyed a 4.5 mile run and this morning had a 45 minute pilates/yoga workout. Looking forward to running again tomorrow!

A Thought-Gathering Post

I haven't posted in a few days and may not post for a few more, although it's not because I haven't been exercising. But this post isn't exactly organized, or even all that focused on exercise, so feel free to skip it if you're not interested. I need to vent a little I guess.

I'm frustrated because I'm starting to get sick, and sleep has been falling apart. I'm starting to feel discouraged. Right now we are up in the mountains with family, and it was supposed to be a fun vacation. Some parts have been fun, but overall I am miserable. We came up Saturday to my dad and stepmom's condo. We were joined the next day by my in-laws, and the plan was to stay here until Tue, when we'd all drive another couple hours to Bridgeport where my stepdad's extended family are camping all week. We'd camp 2 nights, come back to the condo on Thursday, stay 1 or 2 more nights here and then drive home.


It has not been going well at ALL in the sleep department. Thursday Naomi came down with a fever, and we still aren't sure what she had (it broke the next morning) but we suspect roseola (virus), plus possibly teething. So she was up a lot Thurs night, and for long periods. Friday night was bad again; although she was feeling better, maybe her body was still "off" from how she slept Thursday. Saturday she woke up super early and the whole day's routine of napping and eating was thrown off. We left at 5:30 pm for the mountains and she didn't fall asleep til 10 pm - waaaay past her usual bedtime. I tried to sleep in the car (it's a 6+ hour drive), but that was not very successful and we had to stop several times. We pulled in at 1:30 am, when we had to transition her to bed, which involved more crying and nursing, etc. I slept from 2am - 6am, when she woke up. She went back to sleep but I didn't.

Sunday I tried to nap when she did, but only slept 30-40 minutes both times. Then Sunday night, I went to bed early to try and make up for the lost sleep, so I laid down at 9:30, only to be woken up at 10:30 and 11:30 by a baby whose bowels seemed to be really hurting her, poor thing. Slept from about 12 to 3am, when she woke up again, and now it's 10:30 am and I have been awake almost 8 hours already. This isn't even mentioning some of the really difficult relational situations I've been put in the last couple days.


This is really NOT enough sleep for me. I did run Sat morning, and did Shred 1 Sunday afternoon, but I skipped my run this morning. We're going to try and hike now. I tried to take a nap just now but when Naomi woke up 20 minutes after we put her down for her 9am nap (to which she barely made it, eyes slamming shut, so I don't know why she woke up... maybe the LOUD CONSTRUCTION we discovered they will be doing on the roof all week? grr). She's wide awake now and I'm too worked up about it all to nap, so we're going to hike and try to nap after that.

I've been keeping up with my workouts otherwise, and I had stuff to say about them, but now I am just so mad about this whole sleep thing I can't remember what I was going to say. I don't know if we're going to stay up here all week, like we'd planned, because I definitely can't go 5 more nights like this. But that is so disappointing!

Anyway, I wanted to check in; apologies for the not-very-workout-related post. I'd love to sit and read other people's posts some time soon, and respond. Maybe that will happen someday...

High altitude fitness

Wow, is there ever a difference between working out here and working out at 6300 feet! I did the Friday jog/walk with Jessica (about 2.25 miles of it - she went farther than I did) and it was a lot harder up there than it is down here. For about the first 3-4 minutes you kind of think you'll die. Especially if you're not a runner, like me. :) But after that it got better and ended up being fun. Jessica and I used to go on stroller walks regularly, back when we had fewer kids, and going on a run with her reminded me of how much fun it is to work out with a buddy. Thanks, Jess, for encouraging me to come!

Saturday - walked 1.5 miles (with Jessica) and hiked who knows how far - Gabe and I got to go on a hike by ourselves and remember how much we like being together. There were frequent pauses for kissing. :)

I'm still a little sore, but it is the right sort of soreness. And I'm looking forward to karate on Tuesday!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Katie P. - It doesn't sound stupid to wonder how you keep your eyes open - I remember wondering that when I first heard about this sort of surgery!

About weights: I don't know if it helps, but I think you can increase by more than 2 lbs. at a time if you're willing to have, say, your 5s out and your 10s out, and start with the 10s and then switch to the 5s when you need to. I do that a lot. That method lets me work my way into using heavier weights, but I don't need so many sets of dumbells. You just have to give yourself permission to switch back to the lower weight in the middle of the set. I find that if I plan to switch, I don't feel badly doing it. And that really does help me gradually increase what I can do with the heavier weight. I'll even do, say, half of the first set with the heavier weights and half with the lighter, and then do the entire second set with the lighter weights.

And that's a cute little girl in that jogging stroller. :)

Kelly - I've had the same experience of eating better (and often less) when I'm exercising regularly. And it might be the heightened bodily awareness, but honestly, I kind of just think it's because I'm happier then. Food is a comfort drug. It is. It gives you that nice, buzzy, unfocused feeling. Lovely.  But, for me, exercise stops my brain thinking awhile too - it's so intensely physical that when I'm doing it I can kind of switch off my thinking, at least a little bit. And I think all the time. Sometimes I think I'm an introvert just because I'm talking so much inside my head that I can't stand to hear talking on the outside too.

So, if exercise is giving me that nice unfocusing buzz, I don't need food to do it at much.

And, rereading that, I am also realizing I'm a little weird. 

But really, it's an egg-and-chicken thing, I don't know which comes first, and they tend to build on each other, but I feel better when I exercise, and I only really exercise when I'm feeling pretty good. If I can start up either the feeling good or the exercising, the other will inevitably follow. And if I'm feeling pretty good, I don't so much need to eat junk.

It spirals the other way too, of course. Sadly. But it's good to know the good way it spirals, because sometimes I can use good habits to catch myself when I'm spiraling down. And the good habits - even when I'm not feeling them - can turn me around. Not all the time, of course. But they certainly help. Good habits are like the little trees on a cliff in a Looney Tunes cartoon - enough of them catching at your clothes as you fall down the cliff will eventually slow you, and if you're Bugs Bunny and not Wile E. Coyote, one of them will eventually hook you and stop your fall. Ha.

I'm not sure how to make sure I'm Bugs Bunny.

No, really, I think it's always the good grace of the Holy Spirit that stops us, and His grace that prompts us to pray to the Father to ask for help when we're falling. But I think that sometimes He (never wasteful) uses the grooves of our good habits (the ones that He's helped us learn) to help set us on our way again.  And that might have very little to do with food, which is, after all, not as important as the body itself, or the person herself. And I know that. But sometimes it works like that, I think, that He uses what He's already taught us, reminds us of the things we already know how to do, to help us recover. 

Katie J. - the food journaling doesn't seem to take too long; I just keep the site in an open tab (I use Opera as my internet browser) and add to it throughout the day. It's only tricky when I eat something that's not in there, but I don't mind guessing or getting a close substitute. It's only as useful as it is easy, for me anyway, so I don't let it take too much time!

I'm so sorry about your injury! Don't feel bad about "just" lifting weights though - I think a weight routine can do a lot more than people give it credit for!  I hope you can find a physical therapist that can help, though, so you can get back to the exercise you really like.

Also, I like your idea of doing the yard for fun, health and, someday, profit. :)

Christa - I think your comment on working out with Barbie demands that you give us a description of the clothes the instructor was wearing. Were they neon? Spandax? Neon Spandex? Neon Spandex . . . . with ruffles?  :D

Okay, and now I'm curious: does anyone else exercise partly because it shuts your brain up for a little while, and lets your body have its turn? I honestly feel like exercise helps keep me balanced, because I could live so easily in my head - but I like the physical world, and I do better when I'm more connected to it. Anyone else like that at all?


Week 8 Summary for Jessica

Sunday: Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party

Monday: No More Trouble Zones

Tuesday: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism (5/7 circuits)

Wednesday: Personal Training with Jackie (minus abs)

Thursday: nothing

Friday: jogged/walked/ran about 3 miles

Saturday: walked about 1.5 miles, and hiked some too

Note to Emily: that figure-8 loop at the campsite was about 0.78 miles. I'm guessing there, because our odometer only goes out to a tenth of a mile, but it flipped to .8 pretty soon after we completed the loop.