Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amie weekly recap

We just killed one of our chickens, Sally who ended up being a rooster. My husband feels incredibly manly and excited for dinner tomorrow (it is brining in the fridge) I am a bit traumatized from plucking and gutting my favorite chicken and remembering how cute Sally was as a 2 day old chick...here's to hoping I can still stomach chicken :-) on the plus side its organic! And now onto exercising...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I am in a bit of an exercise "rut" with my schedule but look forward to trying your great ideas...there are many days I wouldn't exercise at all if it wasn't for you this little blog motivation!

Sunday: Day of Rest

Monday: Swimming, early morning walk / run with Conchie (unknown mileage)

Tuesday: walk to park, ab ripper X

Wedensday: Travel day (6 hours) push ups and pull ups at stops (2 pull ups and 50 push ups)

Thursday: Travel day (6 hours) ab ripper x at destination

Friday: Travel Day (12 hours) exhausted

Saturday: With the in-laws, swimming with kids and 2 mile walk

Sunday: Travel day (5 hours) AND HOME!

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