Saturday, July 17, 2010

It was great to see so many posts when I hopped on tonight! :)

Kelly - I'm always shocked at what a difference altitude makes. It never fails to make me feel totally out of shape! I'm sorry that it's such a struggle being in others' homes with their food around, and that you have no control over your diet. I can imagine that would be super tough. I am praying for you right now. And what you said about your kids wanting to be comforted because they miss Jesse, but YOU wanting to be comforted... oh that is one of the toughest things about parenting in my mind! I can't think of one vocation that requires you to be more selfless than parenting does.

Katie - Yay! That is encouraging to hear what a great week you had! I'm especially glad eating has been going well for you. I know what you mean about listening more to the need for fuel rather than ___ (comfort or indulgence or what-have-you). I love what you said about feeling like an athlete again. Cool. :) I also liked your suggestion about half-reading, half-playing when you are exhausted - I've done something sorta like that, just lying down (sometimes closing my eyes) and half-playing on the floor with Naomi when I'm tired. Not sure if that will work anymore though, now that she is starting to crawl (!).

Christa - I'm glad you're back :) I don't blame you for not working out in an un-air-conditioned house. That's great that you are feeling yourself improving! That is so encouraging. The only other workout video I've ever done (and liked) is Buns of Steel, which I like a lot but I don't even know if it's on disc - I ripped it off a VHS!

Jess - Wow - Lasik! It would be amazing to not need lenses anymore. My eyes are legally blind like yours, and it's hard to imagine them working right on their own again. I hope it goes great! I would enjoy hearing how the healing and "after" process goes for you - like if there are any problems, etc. I've long been hesitant about doing it myself because I must have heard a bunch of semi-negative tales about it in a row (that convinced me it wasn't worth it), but since then I've heard more and more positive reports - I'd love to hear what it's like for you. I have a feeling there are a lot more positive outcomes than negative, but I think I need to hear more stories to convince the non-rational part of me or something. (does that make sense?)

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