Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back At It

Friday - Day 3: Shred Workout 1

Saturday - 2.2-mile run, 2x50 sit-ups (each set = 25 center, 25 rotating side to side), 2x20 push-ups (could only do 20 and 17). I forgot to note before that I did the sit-ups and push-ups on Thursday too.

Sunday - rest

Monday - 2.2-mile run, sit-ups, push-ups (this time did 19, 15 and 3 on the push-ups - really tough! I could not finish each set, so just took a rest and did the final 3 to make a total of 40)

Today I did Workout 1 again, for Day 6 of the month (modified: half of the 2nd set of pushups on knees; used dumbbells on all the cardio, not just final set). It definitely felt harder. Still using the 5-lb weights throughout, although I forgot to mention before that on the anterior raises + side lunges I only use one weight for both hands (and it STILL kills my shoulders!)

We were out of town over the weekend, and I found that I really loved that my morning has jelled into a routine (wake-up, nurse, workout, shower, breakfast). Normally when I'm visiting my family I tend to stay in my pajamas for so long in the morning that, although it's relaxing at first, eventually it makes me feel sluggish and almost always, the rest of the day feels lethargic and not as satisfying because I'm just kind of lounging my way through the day. I like relaxing, but I tend to OD on it when visiting my fam, and too much of anything is yucky. This time I stuck to my morning routine and I felt like it balanced things out more.

I saw some cyclists over the weekend and man did it make me miss cycling! That would be a fun thing to work back into a workout schedule somehow, but I'm not sure when that will be feasible.

Also, I wanted to mention that eating went great over the weekend. The situation I was anxious about went really well - I was able to stay planted internally and not get triggered.

Jess - that's an interesting thing to ponder, about our bodies someday aging. I don't spend much time thinking about it, but I think it will be tough. I know I grieved a lot after Naomi was first born (and when I was sick) because there was so much I could no longer do - and it wasn't like it was bad stuff, it was GOOD stuff! And I couldn't do it. I do sometimes look at Daniel's and my parents, watching them as they age. In the last several years, I've heard each of them talk about it more (they are all in or approaching their 60's). I've observed several different ways of handling that transition, and definitely see some things I do not want to do, and some things I hope and pray I can do. I've seen denial (a strong back-turn to pretend like s/he is half his age and mask the aging process), premature resignation (abandoning attempts to continue doing some healthy things because "I'm just getting old anyway") - I'm not quite sure which of these two responses makes me more sad. But I've also seen modeled a struggle that is somewhere in between - acceptance, but still (a reasonable amount of) fighting to stay as strong and healthy as s/he can. I hope I can do that last one - grief with acceptance, and embracing some of the new joys that come with aging (like wisdom, grandchildren, more time for yourself or others now that your kids are grown, etc). I do think that some things (like having a new heavenly body) can reassure us if we intellectually accept them, even if we don't fully "get" it yet.

Also, thanks for the tip on the side lunges! I'll try that. I did find this morning that straightening my other leg fully seemed to help with the twisting I think I was doing.

Katie - I know exactly what you mean about it being harder to care for yourself if you've already "blown" it. This is one way I see my inner critical voice, and how it can perpetuate some things like overeating. I'm so sorry to hear about your teeth problems, and I hope you're able to get some relief soon.

Now I hear what sounds like a cute puppy whimpering over the monitor, meaning Naomi is awake and REALLY wants to play. Better go :)

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