Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good News

The strain in my shoulder/arm is gone today! The knots are still there in my back, though, and I'm pretty sure now that they were probably there before, and that I strained my shoulder when I did push-ups with the knots, not realizing they were there (compensating for the knotted muscles by overusing something in my shoulder). I am so glad! I was really worried yesterday, as I have injured my shoulder before and it was A PAIN to recover from.

So today I did a jog but not abs or arms. (I wanted to do the abs but never got to it.) I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow yet. I'm still leery of doing Shred, and I'm not exactly sure when/how to ease back into that. I think I'll wait until the knots are gone, and then wait a couple more days to make sure. Maybe tomorrow I'll do Shred sans arms again. Or another jog or walk perhaps.

The other part of my commitment to my body today was to lie down and use the tennis ball on my back whenever Naomi napped. I have done that to the great relief of my back, along with keeping up with my ibuprofen (first time I've used that in over a year! I knew you shouldn't use it while pregnant and for some reason translated that to nursing as well... =p) The tennis ball has helped so much. It can really dig into the knots, and doing it every few hours has seemed good.

In other news it has been HOT. It's honestly not so bad compared to what other parts of the country get in summers (Texas!!), but we live upstairs and our air conditioning isn't working very well (we just realized), so it gets stuffy and yucky. Now we have to try and figure out what needs fixing. It really makes me appreciate that this kind of weather is only starting now, in mid-July, rather than in April like it usually does! Today Naomi and I met friends at the La Mirada water park, and took a cool bath together just now. That helped a lot.

Amie - how is Julie doing? I've prayed for her as she's come to mind throughout the day. I hope she's ok.

Emily - thanks for the caution. After watching Steph go through all her shoulder drama several years ago, I have more respect for the shoulder joint.

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