Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandpa in town

It has been a BUSY week, so I haven't posted. We have had grandpa in town, so life has been a little out of the ordinary- and a lot busier. Also, we have had rain, rain, rain (no outside walks) until it let up yesterday!

Wednesday: Shred Level 1

Thursday: Shred Level 2 (really love the results I get from this still)

Friday: Prevention DVD and swimming outside in the afternoon

Saturday: nothing so far... I am so tired from all of our activities!

Emily- Sorry to hear about the struggles with the renovation and cranky kids. I agree that maybe you should wait until its over to think about the exercise program. More stress doesn't = better health. Hang in there!

Jessica- I love the bag. It inspired me to get creative and get organized. So, yesterday I organized my laundry room so that I could actually FIND all my craft stuff. I am now looking for a good spot to put my sewing machine up.

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