Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 5 Summary for Jess + comments

Sun: Power Yoga: Total Body Workout

Tues: 4/7 circuits of No More Trouble Zones

Thurs: 6/7 circuits of Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

I only worked out three times this week, but they were all of them long and hard workouts, and I feel good about it. I am noticing that I've stopped working on my pull-ups and my goal for next week is to start that up again!

Katie, thanks for the bag compliment, but Emily was the one who made it. I saw it in person though - it's even prettier than the picture tells!

And Emily, I think you're right to drop something given all the other stresses. I bet karate will keep you energized (and if it's not, you can always pull back there for a bit too), and I can't imagine living with no kitchen for so long! You're keeping everyone fed and sane, and that's no small accomplishment with such an important part of your house unusable!  I'll miss you here though. 

About measuring fitness comparatively, well, I remember what I was doing in college. I walked and played rugby and roller-skated sometimes - but I didn't do anything regular (till the last semester, when I took 3 P. E. classes at once - archery, weight-lifting and gymnastics, so fun!), and I know that I couldn't lift as much or go as long and hard as I can now. I bet I'd be better at rugby now, if I got the chance to play again! Then again, maybe I wouldn't, because I'd be more careful now - less willing to throw myself at the ground to make the point, you know? :) I know pain hurts now, in a way I really didn't in college. Anyway, with being in shape, I think it's having a routine now that makes the difference between now and then. Plus, I weigh a bit less now than I did the last couple of years of college. Not much, but enough that I can tell, and knowing I weigh less but am stronger lets me know it's because I'm in better shape. <--Hope that sentence makes sense; I'm not sure. :)

Amie, how was the chicken? :)

Katie, the running + push-ups sounds great! I think those last few reps that are so hard to do, where you're just shaking (literally) as you make it up, do make a huge difference. 

It's also interesting to read your account of watching others do old age and seeing some things you want to copy and some you don't. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open and watch too.

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