Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Jessica, I don't think I've had the thought "I'd better enjoy this", rather "I'd better do this" in order to stave off the the inevitable decline. :)

I also find it helpful to focus on what I hope to obtain from these workouts. Shred gives me muscles. Yoga gives me a quieter mind and a more flexible body. Karate gives me a sense of a grounded center in my body (does that make any sense?) which I really like.

And when it comes down to it and I just really really don't want to work out, I'm with everyone else in finding this accountability blog helpful. Last Friday the main reason I worked out was because I didn't want to have to admit to being lazy! It can be so easy to talk myself out of exercise, but harder when I know I'll have to admit it later. :)

Most despised household chores: cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming. Oh, and dusting. Come to think of it, I'm not sure there are very many that I like... But I really like the results, especially a clean bathroom. I just have to remind myself that I like the results so very much (rather like how I hate the shred but like the results...!)

Shape changes post-pregnancies are so very real! I can't even begin to fit into college jeans or shirts or dresses, but college skirts fit just fine. My bust got enhanced, as did my hips. :) Jess, how do you measure your fitness level comparatively? Your comment about being in better shape made me wonder about my own level of fitness, and I'm really not sure how to compare. My body and my life were just so different back then.

Katie P, shred workout 1 is my favorite. :) I like boring workouts, apparently. Also, I find it the simplest one to modify. There's just not much in workout 3 that my knees, shoulder, and wrist can handle, so it feels rather pointless.

Does anyone else find holding Warrior 2 arms in yoga to be killer??? Bob is always talking, in my dvd, about how "your legs are cooking now..." and I'm standing there thinking "my legs are fine you crazy man, its my arms that are going to fall off!

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