Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More about Jillian

It has been fun to read about everyone's workouts. :) I hope the weather cools down a bit for you all. I forget how so many homes in CA don't have air conditioning!

I have completed the Banish Fat/ Boost Metabolism work out 2 times in the last 3 days. In between, I did the Prevention DVD. (It has been raining or over 100 by heat index the last week or so, so outdoor workouts are not possible) I used to love the Prevention DVD and think it was SO HARD! Now, Prevention has become my easy day workout and I look forward to it.

I LOVE the BFBM workout. Unlike the Shred, I feel like I can just make it through each of the circuits. It is more of a long run, rather than a sprint- consequently, it takes more time to complete.

I have been doing BFBM during Luke's nap time and it has worked out well. Actually, I think that I may need to switch my schedule a bit and try to workout at nap time, instead of first thing in the morning. I am more vulnerable to feeling depressed and wanting to eat too much (since no one is watching) during nap time. When do you all work out? Do you like to work out first thing? How about in the evening? I haven't tried the evening because I am wiped out by then.

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