Friday, July 16, 2010

Week in Review

This was a good week for me. The exercising went well and the eating also went well. I can't remember having a better week with food in some time. I think that the reason (party at least), is that I am listening to my body say that it needs real food to fuel itself, not junk. This is something I experienced when I was running cross country too. I am beginning to feel like an athlete again.

Water helps me run, soda does not. Candy does not make me feel full and energetic and eating too much hurts performance.

Monday: Shred level 3- I actually almost threw up this time. That has never happened before. I am going to go easier next time.

Tuesday: Shred level 1

Wednesday: Walk with Luke

Thursday: Nothing- but we were out most of the day and pretty active though- and I cleaned the bathroom.

Friday: Walk with Luke 40 min, Shred Level 2 (two in one feels great!)

Kelly- I was thinking about your worries with gaining weight and falling back 5 months. I have thoughts like those often- sometimes they become self-fulfilling prophesies. But I hope this helps- Even if you gained the 5 pounds, you wouldn't really be going back 5 months. You have changed more than just the 5 lbs. Also, I have been keeping a good book around to help with food temptations. Maybe you can try that? I sit on the floor with Luke and half read/ half play if I am exhausted. You are brave to take on 3 children for so long all by yourself.

Jessica- I think it is great that you are enjoying your new dance DVD. :) It sounds fun! Do you think you could rank your favorite DVD's? I am looking for something new.

Emily- How are things with the kitchen remodel? It should be nearing the end, right?

Katie P- Great news about your shoulder. Injuries are so frustrating, but it sounds like you handled it very well. I have chronic bursitis in both hip joints because I was not listening to my body, and wish I had been more careful and attentive.

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