Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New injury and the all natural workout

Well, when it rains, it pours I guess... :)

Today, I was playing with Luke outside at a friends house. While I was walking in he grass, I stepped on a small branch and punctured my right foot. It went in almost an inch I believe and cut through muscle. So, now I am limping.

Oh well. Last week, I took Jess's advice and listened to some old Jillian podcasts. I really enjoyed her podcast on injuries and found it helpful. For cardio today, I did lots of punches with weights. Then I just focused the rest of my workout on abs and upper body strength training.

I was impressed with how much I was able to do! Awhile ago, I would have just sat around for a few days feeling sorry for myself.

Oh, and I had another thought about exercise-

We have a rather large yard for living in a major city (1/4 acre). We thought we would love to have the space and it was definitely a major reason for us purchasing this particular house. What we didn't realize was all the work it took to keep such a yard, in such a tropical climate up. Really, the grass grows noticeably higher everyday! And the weeds can get out of control in no time. This weekend, I left off regular exercise in favor of working outside. It was very rewarding and I enjoyed myself so much.

Most of our neighbors have gardeners who come once a week to care for their lawns (not that we are better because we don't- its more like we are poor and have to do our own lawn). But I did think that it was kind of silly that many people went to the gym to workout when there was so much right outside their door to get them in shape. And... it feels so good to take care of what you have. I think similar things about cleaning. Vaccuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, heaving laundry around, even cooking.

I have been so envious of other moms who go to the gym when their kids are in school that it is good for me to have these reflections... :) Maybe when my kids are all in school (many years from now), I will get a job doing yards. :)

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