Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up!

I've been without internet for about 5 days, because one of my children cut my internet cord. It was annoying, but in some ways I think it was a blessing. I think my weekend without Gabe went better because I didn't have the option of "checking out" from my family (which is definitely my vice when it comes to the computer.)

As mentioned before, I'm sticking with just karate twice a week for right now. And I think that was the right decision, because I have enough stress and enough to do right now without extra exercise! Thankfully, we are making progress in the kitchen (and I'm no longer worried that the contractor is going to take our money and disappear, thanks be to God). Our sink and dishwasher are installed again, so no more dishes in the bathtub! You have no idea how grateful I am, right now, washing dishes! :)

Amie, I'm still praying for Julie. Your family reunion sounds crazy! As does tent camping and counseling with littles in tow. I look forward to hearing that you survived. :)

Katie P. - that was a fascinating read (about your food and caring for yourself realizations). I've left it open in a tab because I want to read it again and think about it for awhile. Thank you for sharing. Also, I'm so glad to hear your shoulder is behaving itself!

Oh, and Buns of Steel? I've never done it, but I remember my Dad offering to buy it for my mother (eons ago!) and being quite firmly rebuffed. Dad didn't learn very quickly, because a few months later he gave my mother "Women at Large" for her birthday. :) He has never lived that one down!

Jessica, your workouts (as usual) put me to shame. :) I can't wait to hear how your surgery went! Regarding the green smoothies - yes, I've been making them nearly every day. They're also one of the easiest things to do without a kitchen, as long as I clean the blender right away.

HOWEVER: do you all remember how Gabe said that if this (my third) blender broke, that I could get a VitaMix? Well, IT BROKE. The same way the last one did, which makes me think it is a design flaw. Now that I have technical permission, I'm feeling super guilty about actually spending that much money on...a blender. But I'd use it all the time, and it would be so incredibly awesome... ??? Or I could just try another blender. But I've already tried the top two reviewed blenders that aren't super expensive. Thoughts?

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