Thursday, July 1, 2010

Finally Feeling Glad for All Those Mountain Climbers Jillian Made Me Do

So I was really excited about running today... and then Naomi had a horrible night last night. Woke up about 10 times, and two of the times she was up for about an hour, including lots of loud crying. Thankfully I have a very kind husband who has agreed to tend to her in the night since I can't go back to sleep for at least an hour (if not two) when I'm woken up, even if it's just to put a pacifier back in a certain someone's mouth. But last night at 2 am, I guess it was getting pretty bad and she was not to be comforted, so he brought her to me in desperation for a feeding. I fed her and then she was just ... awake. For over an hour. Yeah, lots of unhappy complaining and crying from her in that hour. Finally around 3, she fell asleep (only to wake back up at 5 and then again at 6...).

So our run happened a little later than planned, but I got to sleep in a little. But it happened - And it was fun! I just did the 2-mile loop on my block, and ran about 1.75 of it. It felt great! Cardiovascularly I felt really good, and that was encouraging since the last time I tried running a bit after a huge break I could really feel it in my heart/lungs. I must say this is probably because of those darn mountain climbers in the Shred, and this morning as I cruised along I was really grateful to Jillian for that!

Since I haven't run in so long my main concern will be shin splints (or other injuries) and not doing too much too quickly. I don't know how my body'll do with 2 miles 3 x's/wk, but I guess I'll find out. I think I'll probably stick to the 2-mile loop but can turn more of it into walking if need be, until I can build back up to it.

So now my personal challenge is to try to nap at least once today... which means right now since Naomi is down for a nap. Ugh. I hate napping. But I feel I should at least try, since my sleep was so disrupted last night.

No run tomorrow, but I'll be starting back at Workout 1 of the 30-Day Shred and am curious to see how that feels after going through the whole thing.

Emily - yes, the cardio in DDR would be a killer ... assuming I could get my feet to actually move that quickly! That boy is amazing. And YES! I would so love to have you over for some DDR! It's always more fun with someone else. :)

Jess - I usually struggle a lot to get back into the normal life after a trip too. And that stinks that your remote went in on the conspiracy and hid himself... Good for you for getting creative and still working on the pull ups and walk :)

Katie - I love the walkout push ups! I'm always surprised when she says they are over. That's cool to be more able to do your housework because of your strength. I am similar with how I've always thought of workouts = calories burned / lots of cardio. But I'm actually usually more pleased when I do more strength stuff too.

Random Group Question: What is your most despised household chore, and how do you deal with it? Mine is scrubbing the bathtub/shower and I deal with it by not doing it for far too long until I am motivated by how yucky it is. No I'm not proud of that.

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