Tuesday, July 13, 2010

hello again

Hi Ladies! It has been crazy for us this last week but my SIL's wedding is now over and Jesse is now in St Louis and I am in CO for another week with my mother and father in-law before heading up to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone with my mom.

I exercised the last two weeks about 3-4 times a week. The first week because of my back and then driving 20 hours and last week because of sickness and busyness. I honestly think it is SO MUCH HARDER to exercise 3-4 times a week than to do it every day. I think when you exercise every day, your body stays 'greased' and it is so much easier to get into the rhythm of a workout. However, the dryness combined with the altitude and heat is also making things harder. I've had to limit my workouts to about 20-30 minutes because I have been getting extremely dehydrated during them.

However, given the traveling this month (I won't get home till the end of the month), my exercise goals are simply to maintain my weight as much as possible and a semblance of a routine. I am already struggling with bloating from all the different foods we're eating (we're normally vegetarian) and my body doesn't feel great. However, the exercise at least minimizes the discomfort a bit. I am heading to Jesse's uncle's house tomorrow, and he has a humidifier in his house and a treadmill, so maybe I'll get better workouts the next few days.

Amie--I'm so sorry about your friend. My good friend Jen had HELLP syndrome with the birth of my goddaughter. It was very scary. I'll definitely pray!!!

Katie--Sorry about your struggle with motivation. Having gone through this struggle not too long ago, keep pushing through and you'll be so glad you did!!! And, in regards to results, I find that around month 3 is when they really start to show. It is hard to wait that long but at least it will eventually happen!!!


  1. Kelly - what made you guys decide to go vegetarian? I'm curious because I'm trying to make some food decisions right now and vegetarianism is one of the options on the table.

  2. Kelly - thanks! I actually didn't think anyone would be able to encourage (but that it would be therapeutic to vent) but what you said did indeed encourage :) I'm with you on the "daily" thing being easier than "a few times a week" - just becomes part of the day. Good job keeping with it, even if it's not daily.

  3. We began right around Lent one year for financial reasons. After awhile, we noticed that we just felt better. We had more energy; less digestive problems and were sick less. Now when we do eat meat, we notice how much it effects our health. We do still eat meat once in awhile and I use bacon a lot for flavoring in soups. But it is rarely the main part of a meal.