Thursday, July 1, 2010

News and the Weather

The news:

Yesterday: Shred Level 2. I have to say that I really like the walk-out push-ups in this one.

Today: Walk with Luke tat went well until it started raining.

I wanted to echo some others thoughts about how much stronger I feel. For most of my life, I have focused on cardio and calories burned. Doing the Shred DVD, I have found that working on strength is much more fulfilling to me. More than just getting a workout and some calories burned, I am feeling so much better doing everyday things. Yesterday, for example, I scrubbed my tub and it was a piece of cake!

The weather: We are getting a bit of rain from Hurricane Alex. It will probably rain all week, but that is all. A couple of days ago, the weather forecast predicted that the storm would hit closer to us than it did. I think today will be my only walk outside this week.

Emily- Hang in there!

Kelly- Hope that your back makes it through your trip. How disappointing to not get a run in when you expected to do so. You guys are so ambitious to drive all that way with three kids!

Katie P- The DDR video is amazing. That kid is 10x more coordinated than I am! It looks like fun exercise though. :)

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