Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on prayer request and exercise excitement

Prayer Update: Julie is still in intensive care, her liver and kidneys are getting worse and as a result her blood pressure is rising. (this is all consequences of hellp) Things were "suppose" to get better not worse after delivery please pray for protection over hemorrage, and other organ failures (heart and lungs are at high risk right now) They still will not let her see the baby and she is heavily sedated, please pray that things turn around she is still very critical thanks for praying Emily! Baby Breanna is doing great, 4lbs and just gaining and growing (such a difference a singleton makes Jess it really is amazing to think our girls were that early and had so many other "things to do")!

In other news my car is officially parked for the summer (or at least for any errands in a 10 mile radius...) Yeah for practical exercise!

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  1. Amie, that looks...complicated! How do you handle that kind of length safely?

    When Jonathan was little I used to walk to the grocery store. It was a pretty good hike - about 4 miles round trip, with all that grocery weight on the way back! I really enjoyed the practicality, too. (Not doing it anymore because the triple stroller gave me wrist problems.)

    Still praying for Julie.