Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back again - momentarily

Greetings all! It's good to be back, though I have to admit that my posts on this site will be sporadic during the course of the summer. I've got to write another chapter of my diss and plan my classes between now and late August! Yikes!

The last time I posted, I asked about expectations, and your answers were encouraging, not because I take pleasure in your struggles, but because it helps to know that I'm not the only one who has had difficulty in this area. When I was pregnant, the "experts" made it sound so easy to lose your pregnancy weight. Just breastfeed and watch what you eat, and in a year, you'll be back to the size you were. Yeah right.

There was no way I (or anyone else) could account for all the variables in my life, namely how difficult it would be to adjust to being a mommy and a grad student and (six months later) a full time prof. I can't say that any one of these things prevented me from looking out for my health, but they became my obstacles.

Just yesterday, I found inspiration for getting on track from a financial planning book (of all places), Smart Couples Finish Rich. The premise of the book is that money should help you 1) be; 2) do; and 3) have. In order to follow this approach, you must determine the values you wish to live by before you begin your financial planning. Health is one of the values discussed. Now I am a firm believer that I need to protect my health in order to properly care for my family and grow it in the upcoming years, but I have really gone off track when it comes to living out this value. The solution: make my health a real priority.

At the time I dropped off the blog, I was doing well. I exercised 4 times that week (the minimum number of days I want to do) and began incorporating abdominal work into my routine. I also ran 2 full miles (not consecutive) for the first time in my life. I was feeling good.

Then I was sidelined by a rough week where I worked out only one day, followed by another week of the same because I was focused on preparing for my parents' visit. Here we are, roughly one month after the fact, and I haven't worked out yet this week (my parents just left this afternoon). I have felt lethargic and generally course for the past couple of weeks and have been itching to get on the treadmill again.

So tomorrow, that's what I will do. It's a new day and another chance to commit myself to my values. My body will thank me for it, as will my family. I am excited and look forward to taking care of my health again.

What has inspired you lately?

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