Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stepping up a notch

This week is the first week in which I've actually completed 3 workouts. I realized that in addition to having difficulty working exercise time into my schedule that the monotony of doing the same routine was adding to my reluctance to get in the third workout of the week.

So, I stopped in at the library to pick up some DVD's to try. I did 5 minutes of Power Yoga: Strength with Rodney Yee before my wrists began to hurt. I switched then to Densie Austin's Blast Away the Pounds and did 2 15 minute intervals. Although I felt like I was working out with Barbie, the dvd did exercise different muscles than Shred 1. It scores a B on ease of bodily coordination and a D on cheesiniess. I'll do it again, but only until I can find something better. This week maybe I'll get around to buying the hand weights I meant to buy this week. Recommendations on weight? I've been using 26 oz cans.

Also encouraging is that we purchased a used Bike for Dan. He's been having fun getting it running and has done a couple rides. It feels good to have a partner in exercise even if we do different things at different times.

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