Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30-Day Shred Complete!

Woohoo! It feels really good to have finished this! It feels even BETTER to know that it will be awhile before I have to do plank rows with leg lifts or jumping lunges again! :) I had been feeling sick of the shred, and honestly feeling like I saw more results with Workouts 1 & 2 than with 3, but then today I was very surprised to realize after the one set each of traveling pushups and plank rows/lifts in the full-blown position, I was feeling stronger! I was not dying and groaning on the plank rows, and was actually able to do the 2nd set of push-ups in the full-blown position too! That was cool. It was also painful - ow.

I also find it funny that today I finally figured out why I've had these mysterious green bruises on the outside of each thigh just below the hip. I guess I need to work on controlling the weights when I'm doing jumping jacks with my handweights. Heh.

In other news I give my eating a B- for the Monday and Tuesday. But it doesn't matter because I get a 150% for today for working through the emotional stuff that had been behind it. I had a hurtful conversation on Monday and was unable to process it most of the day because I was mommy-ing; the stuffed feelings lingered unnoticed and by this morning I was super frustrated with how I'd been eating the last two days (still forgetting that conversation). When I finally stepped back and processed everything today, I felt much clearer and eating today was super. Overeating/snacking is the nemesis I am learning to love. I know this is probably not true for everyone, but man ... it really is my best indicator for whether or not I'm up to date on dealing with my emotions. I still can't get over how frequently that is true!

I am exhausted from the emotional processing of today, glad my girl is down for the night, and looking forward to a run (or run/walk? we'll see) tomorrow morning.

PS - I had the idea in the shower this morning of what I might do in August: Dance Dance Revolution! I'd need to borrow all the gear, but I did it several years ago for awhile and enjoyed it. I'm not sure if it would be a good enough workout - maybe I'd alternate it with something else (like the shred?) But it might be fun. We'll see how July goes.

This kid is a little young, and I think it's funny to call him a prodigy, but he sure makes it look fun! I also love how he walks away before his score even comes up. :)

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