Monday, June 28, 2010

Habits can be great things

Just did Day 7 of Workout 3. Tough again, though mentally I think it's a hair easier now that I'm in a habit of doing it. I have to say, that is the "result" I find most precious out of this 30-day shred: it is changing the overall rhythm and direction of my daily life. Building the habit of making myself do something unpleasant like that, first thing, (followed by making myself head straight for the shower, which makes it really easy to just get dressed and ready for the day) just makes it easier the rest of the day to keep the house straightened up, pick up the toys when Naomi goes down for a nap (even though she'll just get them all out again in a couple hours), put that onesie to soak rather than just let it sit on the changing table, etc. It has also been helping me to think about doing chores because I want them done and feel better when they are done, rather than because I am afraid I will be an inadequate mother if I don't do them, or because I am afraid of what people would think if they came to my house and found it messy. So not letting fear be my motivator, but giving myself space to find another motivation that is already there. This seems to make chores much less exhausting, I guess because it eliminates the internal kerfuffle the fear causes. Those are some of my demons, and it's neat to see them less and less.

Christa - YAYYY! That is good news indeed! Honestly, I believe that perseverance is the key to seeing change happen, not necessarily blowing it out of the water from day one. I think the fact that you are still working out is huge.

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