Friday, June 25, 2010

Week 2-vacation exercising!

Thanks ladies I've really enjoyed reading all your fun and challenging posts! I am loving spending the weekend with my college roomies/best friends in San Diego this weekend! Traveling with kids alone is sooo hard! We've been in 5 different homes in 9 days and BUSY...exercising on vacation is usually so doable for me (I actually usually exercise more because I love love to run!) but vacation without my husband is much more challenging and I am struggling to exercise or sleep at all! I am revamping my goals for the remainder of my husbandless "vacation" to be a bit more managable :-)

1) sleep at least 6 hours a night
2) on non "travel days" (ie driving under 6 hours) exercise in some form for 15 minutes
3) drink 36 oz of water a day
4) Portion and snack control

Here are my week stats!

Mon: Swimming 2x with kids (3 hours) -sleep 6 hrs
Tuesday: Ab ripper X and walking 2 miles with kids to various parks -sleep 7 hrs
Wed: Swimming with kids (1 hour) -sleep 5 hrs
Thursday: TRAVEL DAY (8 hours in car), hiking with Chica's - sleep 4 hours
Friday: Ab ripper X and 2 mile walk - sleep 6 hrs plus 1 hr nap
Saturday: TRAVEL DAY (5 hours) and wedding
Sunday: DAY OF REST!

Any of you in the area hope to see you Tuesday at Gardenhill park in La Mirada for a play date!


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  1. Amie, I can't believe you're even trying to exercise while on vacation with kids and no husband. Crazy woman! :)

    I was wondering about your water consumption, though - 36 ounces is well below the recommended daily amount. Are you aiming low because of being in the car (and lacking bathrooms)? If possible, it would probably be a good idea to raise your goal in that area.