Monday, June 14, 2010

Babies, p90X, weight loss and exhaustion, pull ups

Why I am typing this I don't know I am so so so so so very tired (in a not pregnant way)...too much to do and no sleep in sight is bad news for exercising...I did work out today though!

Thanks for your encouragement regarding babies and bodies...c-sections do a number and your right Jess about twins doing a number too...I carried those babies all the way through and I sometimes forget the effect that pregnancy had on my core :-)

As far as Pull Ups go I don't do them all in repetition or all unassisted. There is a technique we learned on P90X that enables you to do quantity (using a chair or assisted pull ups) which increases your ability to do them unassisted and a majority of mine are done using this technique for now :-)

Ab-ripper X is 15 minutes of a 1.5 hour p90x workout that just focuses on your core the worst 15 minutes of the program if you ask me...I love love that workout program but finding the time to complete it (1.5 hours a day) is a bit daunting.

In regards to Em's question about losing weight...I love working out for how it makes me feel (as opposed to weight loss) and even more important what it enables me to do (hiking, triathalons, backpacking trips carrying multiple children etc..) but this is the first time for me exercise carries with it some type of weight loss...four kids later I find that I am carrying around 10 extra pounds i'd love to lose and balancing this with a healthy self image is something I am curious about how to do well...I don't think I should be content with my weight, but at the same time I don't want to "loathe" my body or pass any type of similar message to my children.

Anyone ever put any yoga into their routine? I am in love with the yoga routine in P90X but haven't thought through that much any spiritual implications (it is a non-spiritual program so not "true yoga" but can you really honestly void that from its roots?) ANYWAY it helped a lot with my knees Em and back...

My goal for this week is to get some sleep or exercising will really fail...goodnight!

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