Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 14 - Father's Day

Water - I have no idea :)
GS - yes
Exercise - no

Father's Day was pretty crazy at our house, at least for me. I would HAPPILY have exercised if it meant I could leave the house! We had a family get together here after church, and while I love Gabe's family dearly, they showed up 40 minutes early (while we were vacuuming and finishing cleaning up). Mom is always early to everything, and we had planned on them being early, but not THAT early! Mom also needed to vent about something, and for some reason I have a very hard time letting her stuff stay hers. Somehow it all ends up sitting inside my chest. So it was a very hard afternoon, and I spent most of it wishing I could run away.

But they brought cake, and it was delicious. I had two pieces. :) I'm not sure if that was because it was delicious or because I was so stressed out! ;)

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  1. Oh Emily I know what you mean about having trouble letting some people keep their own stuff without taking it on! Good for you for recognizing it, even if after the fact.