Thursday, June 10, 2010

on the 30 Day Shred, Water and the rest

Kelly, I did a review of the 30 Day Shred about a year ago here.  So, I've been using it over a year now. I like it because it's really hard and very no-nonesense. And it really works. I like that you can make it harder as you get more fit by simply using heavier weights. I like that even when she has you training smaller muscles (like biceps) she has you training larger muscles (like your quads) at the same time, so that you're still burning a high number of calories/minute.  

Also, it got me to a level of fitness where I felt comfortable trying new, harder things, like trying to learn to do pull-ups and a higher number of push-ups.

Thanks to both of you for explaining the water thing to me. Like I said, I drink a lot of water just because I feel rotten if I don't, and I'm always thirsty (this has been true ever since I started breastfeeding with my first, and especially since breastfeeding twins - you don't know what thirsty is till you've breastfed twins!), so I've never really had to think through other reasons to do it.

I drink at least one 32 oz. canning jar full of iced tea (just black Irish breakfast) a day and then use the jar to drink water from for the rest of the day.  That, and a couple of mugs of coffee, and often a glass of milk - that's usually it for me for liquids. So lots of water, a fair amount of iced tea and coffee, and maybe some milk.

Kelly, Pilates has never been terribly attractive to me (I don't like exercises that put a lot of strain on my neck, which Pilates seems to, to me), but I do understand the attraction of body weight exercises. I love how push-ups and pull-ups and plank exercises change my body composition!

Emily, good for you for closing the fridge! I know. Eating is just a lovely, drug-like experience. It makes you feel better.  There's some interesting stuff in Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy about Jesus' words that he has food to eat the disciples know not of, and how doing the Father's will is is food, and how that might be more literal than we usually assume. If nothing else, it makes me think about how we turn the wrong places for comfort so often. 

Kelly, it's interesting how you've ended up finding snacking all day a better pattern than three meals a day. I do much better if I just eat three meals a day and don't snack. It makes me realize that though all of us need to be ordered in our habits and need to find a way of exercising our bodies so that they're capable of doing our daily duties, those virtues of order and care are going to be played out differently in different people's lives! What works for you might not work for me, even though it's the same virtue we're practicing. 

:) I like this blog. Do we want to share it with other folks? Inviting them to read? Curious what you think.

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