Thursday, June 24, 2010

Own a Scale?

I don't, and haven't since I have been married.

There was a point at which I was glued to a scale, so I don't have one near me now. This was particularly helpful during pregnancy. I only found out what I weighed by my Dr. visits.

Mostly, I can tell if I am gaining or losing weight by how things fit. It helps me focus more on my overall body than a particular number. I am SO into hitting numbers I want (too much so).

Sometimes I do weigh myself if I am somewhere where there is a scale, just to see how things stand . :)


  1. Yup, I have one, and I'm on it alot. I need it to track my progress and give me encouragement and/or motivation as I try to lose weight. I don't generally get too obsessed with hitting particular numbers, and I don't have enough time to work out constantly or be overly critical of what I eat, so it's not a problem for me.

  2. I don't. I'm like you, Katie, and find weight numbers discouraging. I go more by the fit of my clothes.