Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kelly - you are so right about workouts potentially being a stress issue rather than a stress help. That's one thing I've found to be thankful for about the period when I was so sick - it was so frustrating, but I do think it got me out of the mentality of working out that I had been in, which was really just stressing me out. Now I'm able to be more laid back about it, and let it be a stress help. And I'm glad you mentioned that your kids get quiet in the stroller - so does Naomi! She's only just now able to be in it without a car seat attachment, and I've been concerned that something's wrong because she's SO abnormally quiet! I think she's just relaxed, and I'm glad to hear that that was a positive "peaceful" time for your kids too. I've actually been thinking that I will try running with the stroller again after I finish 30-day shred in another week.

Did Day 3 of Workout 3 today. I liked it even better today than yesterday, which was itself much better than Day 1. I wasn't necessarily feeling eager to do it, but found that I was able to do even more today than I did yesterday, which encouraged me. Now I am only modifying: walking plank (half of them on knees), push-ups (knees), plank rows w/ leg raises (half on my knees), sit-ups, side-plank raises, and I slightly modify the mtn climbers - 5 real ones, then 2 step-touches.

Now that I write out all that I'm modifying, it looks like a lot. Oh well. I know I'm improving!

I'm using 5 lb weights throughout; while there's not as much weight-use in Wkt 3, as compared to the other 2, my shoulders were still really feeling it after doing cardio with weights. I am really proud of myself for doing all the jumping lunges! Those really challenge me. My calves felt sore today for the first time since I've quit running - I think it was the sumo jumps. Those suckers are harder than they appear!! But it felt good to feel a little sore.

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  1. Katie, you're no slacker! You're WAY ahead of me. I'm doing level 1 with everything modified!