Monday, June 21, 2010

Going it alone

Saturday was good- a ride on the bike, some cleaning, and 1/2 of the Shred level 2 (I was interrupted by the delivery of a new dishwasher).

Sunday- No exercise, ate lots of yummy things...

Monday- Prevention DVD, lots of playing with Luke (this counts a exercise for me- he likes physical play). Nathan is out of town for a few days and Luke seems to have had an allergic reaction to something and has had the runs for two days now- poor baby. He needed extra attention and play time with mamma. I think he has a milk allergy. I think I will try him on some organic milk before giving up milk all together. I have somewhat of an intolerance to milk. Mostly I get my dairy through cheese, yogurt, etc...

I haven't yet stated my goals. Well, my goal this summer is to exercise 6 days a week and lose about 5-10lbs. Kelly said that exercising helps with her anxiety. For me, exercising is the primary method that I use to keep from feeling depressed. If I get depressed, I get sluggish and want to eat (hence the wanting to lose 5-10lbs). I want to be a happy wife and mommy. Also, we are hoping to have baby #2 soon, so I need to be as good of shape as I can.

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