Friday, June 18, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday- did the Prevention DVD in the morning. In the evening we went over to my sister and brother in laws house for dinner. They have a new baby, so I watched the kids a while. The two kids were going to kill each other (lack of sleep?), so we ended up watching a DVD called Wiggledancing and they loved it. I got an unexpected second workout too.

The DVD is for kids, but it teaches them to dance and sing too. We all had a great time following the music and dances around the living room. I would recommend it to anyone who has small children who like to interfere in working out. (Luke actually does this often- "No, mama, no!" He likes my FULL attention!)

Today I did level one with 3lb weights of the 30-day shred, felt good, and didn't have to stop. Honestly, even though I workout often, I feel faint with this one sometimes!

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