Monday, June 21, 2010

New workout

Today I tried out a new workout video that Jesse and Edmund gave to me the other day. I quit two of the workouts this morning. Too fast and dance-like for me to do before warming up. Got depressed because I was looking forward to it and swore off exercising for the day. Then changed my mind and went to Target to buy weights for two other segments I had yet to try. I loved the Upper Body and Lower Body Sculp workouts, but think I might need heavier weights. The 3 lb. weights were much too easy. So I might be heading back to Target tomorrow. I have yet to try the Yoga portion. My workout was cut short because I waited till 5:30 and then Jesse called asking for a ride home from school.

So, long story short: 24 minutes (12 minute per segment).

For whatever reason, today has been a panicky day for me and I had to focus really hard to keep it from turning into a full-blown panic attack. I have been so tired this last week and don't know why. The only time I've felt like I had 'control' was when exercising. I'm sure it's hormone related. I hate hormones. I am at least thankful for getting the relief I do when exercising, even if it is brief on some days.


  1. I think it must be in the air, Kelly. :) Because mine is not hormones, and I've had an unreasonably anxious few days too. Annoying, isn't it?

  2. I think you're dead on about exercise giving you a feeling of control, and that can be very helpful. It's part of how I dealt with my anxiety about being pregnant! But I'm sorry you've been feeling anxious :(