Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I realized some time ago that I never drink enough water. I get busy, focused on the kids or other things, and I don't make time to walk to the kitchen and get a drink. Eventually my body protests this, but I usually am (again) busy and distracted, and so I tend to misinterpret chronic thirst as hunger. They're actually really easy to mistake.

The thing is, God gave me this body to take care of and use for him. Ignoring it, and then giving it food when it wants water is not good stewardship.

I actually enjoy water. It is my favorite beverage (well, maybe starbucks mochas are my favorite, but I can't have 128 oz of them each day!) :) Anyway, I do like drinking water, I just forget to. Adding it to my checklist each day forces me to think about it frequently.

Theoretically, drinking lots aids weight loss and clears up your skin. I could definitely use help in both areas, so here's hoping!

(My secret weapon is the Starbucks cup. I know exactly how much I'm drinking, it has a straw, and maybe my brain thinks that I'm treating myself when it sees the Starbucks logo...?)

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