Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Goals through august

Thanks for the invite guys I have never thought of a "blog" as a way to support accountability worth a try anyway :-)

I was just reviewing this today...we are leaving for vacation Thursday which marks the start of 7 weeks away from home out of 9 between now and August so I was trying to think through my fitness goals :-)

-Ab ripper X (15 minutes) 3x/week (burn onto laptop before departing)
-50 push ups (1/2 boy 1/2 girl) 2x/week (alternating with abs) and 10 pull ups if pull up bar is accessible
-Walk rather then drive as often as possible (or ride bike to locations if at home), or carry the kids in the carrier instead of the stroller to build core muscles and utilize a more strenuous workout.
-Limit sweet intake to one dessert a day
-Drink 32 oz of water a day (min)

I just finished Ab ripper X and the girls love doing it wight me (cracks me up!) They are doing it shirtless (like their dad) and Providence wanted to do it again because it was over too fast...she informed me throughout that she was not forgetting to breathe and was not feeling the burn :-)

I like exercising for the physical challenge, the way it helps me view my body image healthier and how it enables me to instill in my girls a positive way of taking care of the body God has entrusted us biggest challenges are my core which I am trying to build up I feel that the three stomach surgeries have really taken a tole on my core muscles which affects my ability to exercise and lift weights as I'd like...


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