Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 9 and yoga

I meant to go to karate this evening. Almost got there, too. Then I stopped to get gas, locked my keys in the car, and...well, you can imagine the fun that resulted.

Amie, I've used yoga at various times in my work outs. I like it a lot, actually, but it is best if you have more time to devote to it, I think. My favorite was when I was taking a yoga class at a local gym. I personally don't worry much about the possible religious aspect of yoga. For me, it falls into the "all truth is God's truth" category. It is good exercise and teaches me a lot more about how to use my body well, and those are both good things. Good things can certainly be misused and misunderstood, and I think that is what is happening in the religious side of yoga.

Currently I have a "weight loss yoga" dvd (biggest loser brand), which I think is kind of a joke. It isn't terrible, but if that's all you're doing I don't think you'll lose any weight! :) I do it on days when I don't want to work out but feel bad about skipping.

If I found the time to do a real, solid yoga workout four times a week, I'd probably be in great shape. Seriously, don't you wish you could do this?

Photo credit: www.siteyoga.com

Since time is an issue, I'll stick with the shred for now.

Water - 80 ounces
GS - yes
exercise - no

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