Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4 of Workout 3

I guess a boring title is better than no title.

Workout was great today - each day seems to get a bit better. Today I did a little bit more... now I'm doing all the walking planks off of my knees, all the side plank raises in the harder position, and I did 7 mtn climbers in a row before I did 2 step-touches, rather than 5 in a row. Yay! I really felt it (again). Boy do I hate plank position!! Gr. But I know that the discomfort and difficulty is part of why it is giving me noticeable results in strength, energy and appearance.

One thing I have noticed in the last week or two is that my baby tummy is a little flatter. That is something that has really been motivating me lately! I never had a horrible post-partum pooch, but there was always just a rounded look to it that I could never get rid of, and now it is flattening out a bit. I honestly didn't really think that would ever happen. Yolanda - that's interesting that you've seen such great results with your waist trimmer! Neat. I used a belt of sorts for the first few weeks post-partum, which helped quite a bit, but I've never tried running with something like that.

Another positive that I noticed today is that I feel like I am getting into a bit of a routine that I like, unlike my old routine which I didn't like. I feed Naomi when she first wakes up, change her, and then do my workout as soon as I can - sometimes this is while she's still awake, sometimes other things come up and my first chance is once she's down for her 9(ish) a.m. nap. As soon as I'm done with the workout, I make myself get in the shower. That shower decision seems to be important for me - the rest of the morning goes much better if I can do that, rather than sit down to eat breakfast at my computer (which just sucks me in). Funny how sometimes one tiny moment of decision can spin you into an entirely different direction.

I'm also noticing that this has been a very good week for me emotionally. We'll see how the rest of the month unfolds (ie. hormones, etc).

Now if I could work on the whole pee thing... I really miss being able to do jumping jacks or other bouncing things without wetting myself! :( I half-heartedly tried to keep doing some Kegels after birth, but I just hate those things and they didn't really seem to help at all.

Emily - I smiled when I read your "OWW". I hope that doesn't sound heartless - I personally feel somewhat pleased when I'm sore, and I hope you feel gratified too - it shows you are really doing something to get stronger! (assuming it was the right kind of "ow") Congratulations on being able to remodel your kitchen!! That is exciting and I look forward to seeing the finished product. Did you take "before" pictures? We were really glad we had ours later. The "during" process can be super hard though - if you ever need to vent, let me know. We did ours pre-baby, but sheesh... I remember the frustration! And I'd love to lend you the blender. I'm not sure if I'll be able to bring it by today, but might be able to either tomorrow or Sat. If not, I'll bring it Sunday (or you are welcome to come by if you like). And ohmygoodness, if I were you I would SO HOPE MY KITCHENAID WOULD BREAK! :) :)

Naomi is making really cute noises over the monitor, so I know the nap is over - got to go.


  1. I hate the plank position too! I am getting better at it, but it is my least favorite part of my pilates routine.

    Kegels don't help at all. Huh. Have you seen your doctor about? Usually it is supposed to get better within 6 weeks after childbirth.

  2. It's not horrible - just leaking that bugs me. The first two months it was worse, but now it's just a little bit of leaking. Usually wearing a pad is enough. I did speak to a doctor about it (a family prac who also delivers babies and does OB work), and she said don't expect everything to be 100% again til you're done nursing because your hormones are still out of whack. So I'm going to wait that out and see.