Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday: Did Shred level 2. I think that this is the hardest level in some ways. The strength section kills me, but I breeze through the aerobic.

Wednesday: I was so tired that I didn't work out. It reminded me that I need to take a small nap if I can when I am tired. My whole day is better if I get enough sleep. When I am sleep deprived (sometimes it can't be helped) I am grumpy and more vulnerable to my vices. I am going to be more disciplined about getting to be on time.

Today: Shred Level 3. I almost fainted twice and thought about Emily's advice to drink a lot of water 30 mins. ahead. I will make sure I have water the next time.

Emily- A Vita-Mix blender? Oh, I dream about that sometimes- especially after visiting Costco where the give out free Vita Mix smoothies sometimes....

Yolanda- The ice cream trip sounded fun. It is SUMMER after all- and so hot!

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  1. Hi Katie! I have never met you, but hello. :) I guess we were posting at the same time. I just wanted to say I appreciated you writing about your nap - being sensitive to (and honoring) my body and tiredness is a goal of mine, and is hard for me to do sometimes, so I'm glad you wrote about this - it reminds me how valuable that is!