Sunday, June 27, 2010


I did my workout, but forgot to post it. Daniel was gone all day shooting a wedding, but the day turned out surprisingly great. Naomi had a pretty easygoing day, but I also did well at handling the stress at different points and doing things that really refreshed me (ie. doing things other than snacking!) Yay! Plus we took a 1+ mile walk. Bonus.

Still wondering what I want to do after this 30 days is up (30-day shred). I'd like to run, but I also don't want to lose what I'm gaining from doing the shred... doing both running and the shred each day sounds like it might be too much for me (mentally). I might try it, and then try to let myself reevaluate after a few days, to see if it really is too much or not.

Kelly - I too have often sent Daniel to work with a bag of whatever-is-calling-my-name (to get it out of the house ... he somehow has this uncanny ability to not eat something yummy simply because it is there - go figure!). Sometimes, like after Christmas, it's pretty hilarious how much stuff he is taking with him! :)

Emily - Yay! So glad you're enjoying the blender. And I am the same way about eating "healthy" foods in unhealthy ways.

Amie - It made me smile to hear that you are on vacation in SD. (I love to live through others' vacations/honeymoons/etc vicariously... I love trips and it's half as good to just hear that someone else is enjoying a trip or vacation. :) ) I also glanced at your new profile pic on Facebook, which I think is from your vacation - so cute. :) I really admire you for traveling alone with kids. I find it hard to travel TOGETHER with one child, so it will be awhile before I have the guts and internal calm to do it alone! I too find it actually easier to exercise when on vacation. For me, the new location usually makes it all new and interesting to go running (when I was running). But our last vacation I found out why most people struggle to exercise on vacation ... sleeping in and having lazy mornings is really nice too! :) I might be able to meet up Tuesday - what time?

Katie J - props for not letting the sweat get to you. When I am in the tropics (my husband's folks used to live in SE Asia, so we'd visit for several weeks at a time), I always have to consciously focus on trying to ignore it because I don't enjoy sweating that much! And I would exercise before the sun was up to avoid even more sweat (but that's not really as virtuous as it sounds when you consider that I would just make jet lag work in my favor...)

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