Monday, June 14, 2010

continuing the conversation

Welcome, Amie!

Jess, I think Christa I and Laurel would be great additions. My personal preference is just that we keep it to people we all know, mostly for my own comfort in actually keeping an honest log.

I like responding in post form, too, because otherwise I likely would never see the conversations!

As an exercise related question: I'm curious if any of you are working toward a weight loss goal with your exercise, or if this is a lifestyle goal. I am not quite sure which one mine is, which is perhaps why I'm curious. Do you view exercise as a joy, a chore, something to be done until you reach a goal weight, something to be done for the rest of forever...etc?

I'm also wondering if any of you have dealt with injuries, especially ongoing weaknesses. Amie, you mentioned cesarean weakness, which I can certainly relate to (although mine was a good long time ago, now). I do have knees that apparently don't like ANY exercise, and require a lot of babying to make it! :) How have you worked around such weaknesses, and/or how have you overcome them?

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