Monday, June 28, 2010

Days 20, 21, 22


Water - unknown
GS - yes
Exercise - karate


Water - 48 ounces
GS - yes
Exercise - no


Water - 96 ounces
GS - yes
Exercise - walk, 3 hours of painting kitchen walls (oh, my aching arm!)

Yolanda, managing expectations is hard for me as well. Sometimes I have to put away the scale and the pants I can't quite fit into, and not get them out again for two months. That can help, in that it takes it all out of the spotlight a bit. :) Also, remembering that (in terms of pregnancy, anyway) it took 9-10 months to gain the weight, and it really is reasonable to have it take around that long to lose it.

Christa, I think it is likely that your yoga dvd would be fine for the evenings. I used to do my yoga in the afternoon, and a couple of times I fell asleep right on the floor during the "corpse pose" in the final stretch/relaxation routine. Maybe try it a few times and see what happens? And be sure to always do the relaxation part at the end.

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