Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hiking and Waist Trimmers

John Tiffin and his girlfriend stayed with us a couple nights and yesterday we all went hiking in Muir Woods. It was a good workout. Especially with carrying Mary Sue piggyback for a mile!

Will hopefully get around to Pilates today and workout my slightly stiff back...

I use a waist trimmer and it helped a ton for me, Yola! I blogged about it at one point. I had a muffin top for awhile that with all my running was not going away and the waist trimmer shrunk it considerably within just two weeks of using it. I still have a slight roundness in front, but it doesn't hang over my pants anymore, so I don't care! Anyhow, I found that a lot of my water retention is in my abdominal area and the waist trimmer helped me sweat that out. I also don't have PMS bloating anymore now since working out with it either, which is wonderful. I was fluctuating up and down 5 lbs a month before I started using that thing. The thigh trimmers I have not had the same success with. So I really think it's helpfulness has to do with where your body retains water.

Well, I excitedly found out this last week that I can now fit into 2 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses and 2 skirts from my pre-Lucy-pregnancy clothes. Granted they don't fit quite as loosely as they used to, but they zip up without sucking in my stomach and with no overhanging of fat. I thought that would never happen!! I gained 60 lbs with that pregnancy.


  1. Ok, I think I need to get one. You convinced me. Mostly with the bloating stuff. I fluctuate a lot too- 5lbs or so. I begin to feel a bit depressed, have more trouble with eating, and then realize later that the weight gain was mostly over water retention.

  2. I saw that post on your blog and almost commented on it, but diss writing prevented it (did I mention I'm procrastinating right now???). Anywho, I'm a fan. My hubby has used them for a long time and had lots of success with them. I used one right after my pregnancy even though I wasn't really working out - just wore it around the house during my everyday activities. I ended up giving that up, though, because between that and nursing, I was getting dehydrated. Word of advice: be extra sure to get enough water if you do use one, and if you use one during everyday activities, be sure that you don't wear it all the time. Your back muscles will become too dependent on it and will weaken.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's a great exercise tool. Has helped me to sweat out a ton of excess water weight. I no longer look like I have the 5 month preggo belly.